Giga Issue 6

Giga Issue 6

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

Meet the Gods of the Giga world. The creator's of the universe with unlimited power


High up in the sky's in the heavens where Gods live and watch there creation from above. Six Gods is having a gathering. Around a gold circle in the clouds. All wearing golden capes with golden armour. They are called the circle. The most powerful fighters ever.

(Our world may be in danger. This is why I called you my brothers and sisters.). The head of the circle said who had a long golden bearded and is known as the God of nature. Who created the trees the forest and the animals even flowers and plants. His name was Atwood. (Mandora is going with his plan once again with the blood. It's been seven hundred and ten years since Tedo was the one who stoped Mandora and gave his life away and become the most greatest hero ever. We should of banished Mandora to the shadows when we had the chance). Said the second God circle. The God of wind. Who created the sky the clouds and the air. And the birds. He had vary long white hair with a golden spear. (That's not what we do Tate) said the female God circle. Who had blue eyes and blue hair. She was the God of water. Who created the sea and the fish with many other undersea life. Her name was Aqua. (We can just always jump in and stop Mandora ourselves one of us can stop him fast without even trying). Said the God of earth a dwarf who created the mountains and all other solids in earth. The God of earth had also created the bears and any other cave living animals. The God of earth held up his massive gold war hammer showing them he wants to be the one to take out Mandora. (You know the Gods Law Bardo. We can not interfere with our humans then we will be the ones banished in the shadows). Atwood told Bardo. (We must believe the fighters down in earth who has been granted with some of our powers.) Said the God of Weather. Who created summer winter autum. And rain. Snow. His name was Corentin. (Why not ask. Mandora own brother. The God of Fire and War). Atwood said looking at Axel a God member of the circle who looked like a mirror of Mandora in every way. Axel is the God of Fire and War creating fire and many deadly weapons who the humans use for war giving him the name God of war. Before answering his fellow Gods Axel makes a gate way showing of Butterbank on the other end and puts the gateway in the middle of the golden circle. (Our best chances is this Dom and his son's they have gained our powers the most of them in earth. ) Axel told the Gods when the gate way changed from Butterbank to Doms hideout seeing him talking to his son's. (Ah so he fond them at last) Atwood said watching the gateway. (Yes but there is another. A little girl named Dot her powers are not focused yet but if we train her she will be most powerful.). (That may be true Axel but Dot is only eight years old far to young to go saving worlds.) (So we are left with the family. And if that fails.) Axel said crossing his arms looking at the gateway. (I am still thinking about it Axel.). (Atwood you know that it's the only one more thing) (I hope you are not talking about my Phoenix you know if I send that it will not only destroy our earth but our galaxy what we all created. It will be no different to the Blood Moon.) Atwood told Axel who can't keep his anger from showing. ( I am saying only use your Phoenix if Mandora is going to succeed his plans at the last second). Atwood thought on Axels plan but it was stressing him out but Atwood came up with the decision. (Fine Axel. If Mandora is going to succeed with the Blood Moon. I will send my Phoenix). (Vary good Atwood ).Axel said looking at the gateway.But not watching the family but someone else.

Sitting on his throne looking up Mandora smiled. (Is that how much you fear me brother. You will send the Phoenix) Mandora said laughing.

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Issue 6 of my ongoing Comic script series Giga. Hope you enjoy. Issue 7 is out next week.

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Added on November 22, 2017
Last Updated on November 22, 2017
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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

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