Giga Issue 7

Giga Issue 7

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The four Brothers have been reunited with their father after ten years. And learns everything about Mandora and his plans The Blood Moon

After Nick told his brothers all about Mandora and his upcoming plan. Grey was the first to speak up breaking the long silence. (So this Mandora wants to make his own utopia. By destroying our planet with his moon). (But I heard. Mandora was around over seven hundred years ago and was defeated by a swordsman named Tedo.) Dex said jumping in. (And our father here. Wants us to stop him to stop the Blood Moon.) Danny said not paying any attention but leaned on the wall head down. ( Yes that's the plan Danny. And I need all of you. ) Dom said removing his top to show his son's the heavy wound on his chest from the fight with Mandora a scare covering most of his chest.(I would love to stop Mandora myself but I was told when I was getting healed by the healing elfs. If I over do my strength my heart will weaken and will stop. Since its all ready wounded.) Dom told his son's. (Well dad it was nice seeing you not sure about Grey but I can't stand a place like this) Danny said making his leave. (Danny) Dom called. But without looking back Danny continuous to walk away from his family. Grey walks in front of Danny bumping into each other Danny looks up seeing Grey look at him. (Out of my way Grey). (Danny where you even listening this Mandora is a mad man and needs to be stoped). (And good luck in that but I want nothing to do with this saving the world.). Danny said with a pointing finger and shoves Grey but Grey stood his ground and stayed where he was.( get out of my way). (Grey leave him) shouted Nick. (But Nick. Father said he needs us). (If Danny don't want any part of this. Just leave it). With Grey looked at Nick then back at Danny with a heavy breath of disappointment Grey moves out of the way. Before teleporting away Danny looked back at his brothers and father.(You know I was happy on my own. I can handle it. And if any of you come and try to find me I will kill you. Do you understand). Danny said over his shoulders then teleported. Grey looks done clinching his fist till they turned white. (Dame him) Grey said out loud. (Leave it Grey) Dom said (I just have to make the best of the three of you. Now line up). All three brothers lined up in front of there father Dex.Nick and Grey. (Before I teach you all I know. I want to see all your strengths one by one. And believe me I will find your weakness and turn them to strength.). Dom told his Sons looking at all of them. (Starting with you) Dom said pointing at Dex. (Alright have to warn you. I will be coming in hot). Dex said with a smile happy he was up first getting his guildblade blade out and ready. But Dom gave his youngest a wave. (Not today Dex. You all need rest you will start tomorrow Dex.). (But what about Danny) Grey asked. Dom looked past his son's at where Danny teleported (just don't worry about him).

A day has past and it was the day of training. Dex was up early to prepare with spare with his father. (Ok Dex come at me.) Dom said with open arms. Dex quickly draws his guildblade blade out and fires a energy blast out from his Sword. Dom crushes the blast with just his hand by closing it at the right time. The training was set outside in a big filed with no tress in sight just a open path what Dom said a perfect training ground. (You must do better then that Dex). Dex grandad s teeth together in anger and ran towards his father holding nothing back. When Dex was close enough Dom pushed him away with a swing of his arm to create a strong wind hitting Dex of his feet and pushing him back further. (Not yet) Dex said stabbing his guildblade to the floor stopping the wind pushing him. And ran back to his father once Dom stoped the wind. While running Dex fires his energy blast from his Sword. Dom hits the blast away with his hands at each one what came to him. But Dex kept them coming. (The results will always be the same no matter how many you use Dex.). (There will always be one) Dex said firing two from his Sword at each direction. Coursing Dom to use both of his hands leaving a wide open space for Dex. Dex jumped in the air as high as he can with his guildblade glowing gaining more power. (That glow) Dom said notching the glow from Dexs blade. Dex came down sword first with the attack but Dom easily gets hold of the blade before it meet his skin for damage. The sword then exploded with great force but the impact rebounded and damaged Dex instead of Dom. Dex crashed to the floor with a bankroll roll. Dropping his Sword at the same time. (How did you do that. That was my attack) Dex asked slowly getting up and getting his guildblade from the floor. Not answering his youngest Dom kept looking at Dexs blade and can't believe he did not notice it earlier. (How did you get that blade Dex). Dom asked. (Some crazy old man gave it to me. And it's called the guildblade). Dex told his father. (Did you know that blade of yours was the same one what Tedo used to stop Mandora). Dex looked at his Sword shocked now knowing his history. (So this is that same sword.). (That crazy old man is not so crazy after all and must saw something in you. How long ago did he give it to you.). (About ten years ago. When I split up with the rest of my brothers. I was lost in the city thinking I will die then he fond me and raised me up and trained me all I know with my guildblade. He was also the one who told me it's name). (Ten years you say. Is he still alive.). (I don't know he vanished out of the blue one day and did not returned). (Well that's a great fall. He could of been a great help). After the long history lesson and Dexs story on how he got the guildblade Dom thinks the today training is done. (Your training is over for the day you can return to your brother's.). Dex puts his Sword away and went back to the hideout with his father.

Heading back to his church before his training Nick wanted to visit Jay and see how Lora was doing. Once inside his Church he saw that Jay took good care of it repairing all the damage. Going to back room he saw Jay sitting down next to Lora. (How is she) Nick asked. Hearing the familiar voice Jay stood up to turn and face his high priest. (Father Nick. For sure I thought you died up there). (I would of. But I was rescued by a old friend.). Jay smiled happy to see Nick once again and sat back down. (She is a lot better now father. I just watch just in case.). (So you tidied the church all by your self) Nick asked. (Yea in my free time. I also train so when they come back I will stop them). Jay told Nick. (Jay I am here to warn you not to trust any other high priest. They might be working for Mandora). (But Lord Gedo) Jay asked. Nick said nothing but gave him a nod saying he was dead. (Lord Gedo was murdered by master Duke and the vary same Mandora) Nick told Jay. (How are we supposed to stop them) Jay asked. (I am with a vary special people to stop Mandora. That's why it's up to you to stop Master Duke.). (Me) Jay said. (Yes Jay you. Master Duke is hunting down all the churches who do not support Mandora and are loyal to Lord Gedo.get all those churches to fight as one. I am counting on you Jay). (But father Nick. They won't listen to me). (They will when I give you this) Nick said going in his pocket to get out his high priest ring and gives it to Jay. Jay stood up slowly looking at the ring in his hands. (Father Nick). (I am leaving the temple for good Jay. And Butterbank needs a high priest.). Nick said nothing more and left his old church leaving Jay stunned looking at the ring the new high priest like he always wanted he closed his hand with the ring inside.

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
The latest issue of my ongoing Comic script series hope you enjoy XD.

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Added on November 29, 2017
Last Updated on November 29, 2017
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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

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My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..