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Giga Issue 8

Giga Issue 8

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

Dom continues to train his sons. And make them hope what challenges awaits them.

With his wounds now healed Nick was ready with his training with his father at the same place where Dex had his go. (So you left the church. And gave one of your students the high priest ring. Do you think he is that ready) Dom asked. (I did. And yes I think Jay is ready the challenge ahead) Nick told his father. (Now son. So me what a high priest can do). Nick quickly get his guns out aiming at his father not going to hold nothing back. (Dont get angry if I hit you) Nick warned his father. Dom said nothing but laughed. Not wanting to waste any more time on talking Nick fired his energy bullets heading towards Dom. Dom easily dodged the energy blast from the guns just by moving his head away and made one small sidestep. (But how. Can you see that fast) Nick said who stoped shooting knowing he will go nowhere. Nick noticed Dom was no where in sight so Nick keeps aim moving around the area trying to spot his father. Before Dom gets him. Seeing movement from the corner of his eye Nick turned full around ready to shoot. But Dom reacted faster getting hold of both guns.Dom pushed the guns down and with just the tip of his finger pressed Nicks forehead. And Nick went flying back like if someone gone and pushed him hard. Nick fell to the ground seeing Dom standing over him and looking at him. (Session is over) he said turning around to leave leaving Nick on the ground. Nick had finally sat up when his father was long gone and looked at his guns wishing he had done more.

At the police station of Butterbank. Grey entered his captions office where the big man was sitting at his desk reading the today's newspaper. (Ah Grey. Nice to meet you again. It seems you lost Danny.) Shane said putting down the paper. (Sorry captain. But there is something I need you to do). (What so you can slack. No way just do your job). (Captain!) Grey shouted and slammed his hands on the desk leaving small marks on the hard wood. Knowing he went to far Grey stood back with a smile of apologize. Shane looked at Grey frustrated seeing his desk marked again. (Ok sorry caption. But I need you to form a team to look out for a man named Mandora and where he is hiding.). (Wait the same Mandora and his blood Moon). (Yes captain the vary same. That's why he is dangerous and need a look out on him). (Sure Grey. But it can't be the same guy he is long gone.) Shane said going on the computer. (Thanks captain. Your the best). Grey told his captain leaving the office leaving Shane do his work. When leaving the station Grey saw Claire with a pale of papers. (Hey Claire) Grey said running to her. (Grey where you been). (I got something for you to do). (Sure thing Grey. What is it.). (I need you to find Danny for me while I am out.). (Danny but I thought you already found him). (I did but something came up. And he is gone again. Would you be able to find him). (Ok. I will start right away. But Grey it won't be easy he is a hard man to know that). (I know but you are good at this sort of thing). Grey said putting his police badge on a long necklace and putting on a long leather coat. (Where are you going now) Claire asked. (Just business) Grey told Claire with a wave and left the station.

(Ok Grey. Come at me) Dom shouted across to Grey. Then with his great power grey boosted towards his father with incredible speed. Grey came in with a heavy hit finding his father's chin. Leaving a massive impact cutting the floor behind Dom. But the father looks at his son with a smile. (That can't be. I put all my strength in that hit). (Well then son. In that case you are vary unlucky). Grey looked at his father removing his fist from him slowly. Then in one move Dom gets hold of Grey and delivers a crunching headbutt. Knocking Grey to the floor who cried in pain holding his broken noise with blood covering his full mouth. (Get up Grey. I am not done with you). Grey slowly looked up to his father holding his noise. With his father towering over him Grey slowly gets up but still was dizzy from the headbutt Grey could not stand still. Before Dom went in with a hammer blow Grey leaped to the air. And came back down loading another hit. But Dom caught the fist and Grey landed back to the ground trying to free his hand from his father. Dom smiled once again and spun Grey around and around till finally Grey was off his feet getting spun around. Dom lets go of Grey. And Grey went flying away from his father. Grey then hits the floor like a heavy plan crash. Leaving a massive hole in a ground like a meteorite hit. Grey slowly left the gap more angry then ever. (You are going easy on me) Grey asked. (Relax son. I went easy on Dex and Nick too). (No I want you to go all out with me. How am I suppose to stop Mandora if your training is not taking us anywhere). Grey shouted running to his father. But when he got close Grey fell to his knees like if something force was pushing him to crush him. Grey struggled to look up seeing his Father with white eyes and a powerful steam enough to rip anyone to pieces where around him. Can't keep his body up anymore Grey fell to the floor being crushed to death it was like the earth gravity went a lot more heavy. (I can't move). (Now you see why.I been easy on you son. I can crush you just by looking at you. But if you let me train you you will have this power). Grey tried and tried to get up but it was no use he could not even move his finger. Seeing that if he kept this up Grey will exactly be crushed so Dom went back to normal. Once back to normal Grey coughed heavily finding his air Grey went up to his knees. (Your training is over Grey). Dom said walking past the shaken Grey. Still a bit shaken up Grey stood up not even glancing at his father. (Tell father) Grey asked back turned to his father looking the other way. (If you are that powerful. Why not fight Mandora yourself). Dom stoped to look at his son (like I said. if I over do my power like I just did. My heart will slow and stop by my injury). Dom told Grey. (And what about Danny). (Dont worry about Danny son. I will go and see him when the time is right). Dom told Grey with a smile looking at Grey over his shoulder.

floating in the clouds. Dot opened her eyes seeing nothing but clouds. (Where am I) Dot said not hearing her own voice. Dot closed her eyes hoping to be back in her room. But when she opened her eyes again she still found herself in the clouds. (Dont he scared young girl). Came a voice. Dot turned to see a old man walking on the clouds towards her. (Who are you) Dot said still not hearing her voice. (My name is Atwood.) Atwood said putting his hand on his chest and went down with a bow. (Atwood the God of nature). . Atwood said nothing but gave a nod to Dot saying yes. (Tell me child how old are you). (Eight. Eight) Dot said with a short break. Atwood smiled already knowing Dots age he just wants to keep her calm and not make her nervous. (Eight years old. And you already gained a incredible power. Some people don't gain our power in till they hit there teens.). (But my power had killed my father). (Dot. We can help you. The circle wants to train you control your King.) (The circle wants to train me). (Yes. We will train you the right way. Will you trust us). (But since you are young. I will give you a choice. You can stay with your mother. Or come find us and we will train you the best we can). Atwood said slowly fading away. (No wait) dot called while around her went black.

Dot opened her eyes and this time fond herself back in her room. With her mother sitting next to her putting a wet cloth over Dots head. (Mother) Dot said still half asleep. (Dot you are awake. You been asleep for days now I was getting worried. Dots mother said removing the cloth from her head. (Mother I had a strange dream). (What kind of dream). (Atwood was there. Giving me a choice.) (A choice of what). (He said the circle wants to train me to control my power). (You want to use your power) . (I do what if I loses control again and kill someone else what if it's you ). (Did he say where to go) (when I woke up it was almost like it was stuck in my head). Dot told her mother. Sitting up from her bed. (Its a place called. The marker of the circle. At the edged of the world.) Dot looked at her mother seeing she did not know what to think. (I don't know what to think. If the story's are true about seeing one of the gods in your dream. If you are going you must have company who can help you).

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
My latest issue for my comic script series Giga hope you enjoy.

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Added on December 7, 2017
Last Updated on December 7, 2017
Tags: Fantasy ongoing Comic series


Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..