Giga Issue 9

Giga Issue 9

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

Dom confronts his son Danny

Danny sat down at a edge of a cliff looking down at the city of Butterbank and quickly looks away from the city when knowing he was not alone. (I told you to never look for me.) Danny said not even looking to see who it is since already know who it was. (You are my son. And I will always look for you and find you) Dom said. (Why don't you just leave me alone). (You know out of your brother's you are the one who changed the most). Now angry Danny stood up to look at his father. (Dont you think I did not mean what I said when I left.). (Danny I just want to talk). Dom said moving in closer to put his hand on Danny's shoulder. But Danny wanted none of it and shoved his father's hand away. (I don't want to talk) Danny said teleporting. Dom turned to see Danny behind him. (Dont make me do this) Danny told his father his katana in hand. (Do what son. Kill your own father cold blooded). (I mean it) Danny shouted with enough force to put his hood down. (What the hell has gotten into you) Dom asked. (I was fine on my own. Till you and my f*****g past decades to come back). When Dom was going to make his peace Danny cuts in pointing his katana at his father. (And you why do you think. You can be a father again after ten years). (You keep saying you are better on your own. But you have became the most wanted killing many people for it. And you got one of your friends killed. You are lucky I did not jump in and stop you both) Dom told his son. (And why did you not) Danny asked. (Because you are my son no matter what you did). Dom told Danny. (Shut up) Danny roared his katana growing aiming at his father. Dom moves out of the way from the tip. (So that's it you want to kill me.) Dom said when Danny teleported away again. (I want you and my brothers out of my life.) Danny said behind Dom once again. And Danny went to the attack from the air and ground but Dom easily dodged his attacks over and over without breaking a sweat. Finally having enough his his son's foolish attacks Dom gets hold of Danny's neck and slams him to the ground. Danny coughed in pain when his back hits the hard ground. Danny tries to get lose from his father's grip but Dom kept a firm hold and in the end Danny gives up and just looked at his father. (You are a dame fool. You know that) Dom said looking down at his son. (Dont you start with this crap) Danny said in small breaths. (You always think you are alone that no one cares). (But dame it Danny. I care and your brother's care so you are not alone you where never was can you see that). (You where never there for me even back ten years ago) Danny said going to sit up when Dom loosened his grip but was slammed back down with his father's hand now on his head. (I was always there Danny. Protecting you your brother's and your mother. Even when Mandora attacked I was there. I may was not there when your mother got killed but I did my best. I truly did). Dom removes his hand from Danny and gets hold of his son's Collier and picks him up from his feet lifting him from the ground. (Now you listen to me. You say you hates being alone and no one cares. But you push the people who try to care and once you found someone you got her killed by robbing a bank. So now have your brother's back and you say you will kill them if they search for you) Dom shouted with spit coming out of him with so much anger all hitting Danny. Dom just wanted to throw Danny of the cliff but held his anger when seeing tears from Danny's cheek. Dom heard Danny say something from under his breath but did not catch it. (What did you say) Dom asked. (Sorry). Danny told his father can not hold his cry anymore. (I ran away because. I was scared I was nothing but a coward. I still am that's why I want to be alone so I don't want to face that feeling again but I did when Ashley got killed so I just wanted to run again. But I can't even do that anymore without shaking). Calming down Dom lets go of Danny who fell on his knees and stayed there crying. (You don't have to be scared anymore on your own) Dom told his son opening his portal what leads to the rest of Danny's brothers. (So Danny do you want to come with me). Danny looks at his father then the portal with a nod Danny follows His father to the portal.

Back in the secret dome. Dex was walking back and forth balancing his guildblade in the palm of his hand keeping the record of not dropping his Sword. (I would never thought this was Tedos blade that stoped Mandora). Dex said looking at the blade. (Father has been gone for a long time) Nick said sitting on a chair next to a table. (Maybe he could not find Danny as he said he would) Grey said leaning on the wall in the dark room. And in the middle of the dark room came the portal and Dom walked out of it with Danny behind him. (You came back ) Grey said seeing his father who returned with Danny. Danny looked at his brothers hands in his pocket. (Hey) Danny said with a small nod. Nick gave his oldest brother a awkward wave while Grey did not even look at Danny. Dex came around behind Danny to put his arm over him like a old friend. (Welcome back bro. With the four of us together we are unstoppable). (Glade you returned) Grey finally said looking up to face Danny but did not give him a nice welcome smile like Dex did. Dex leaned in on Danny's face to see his eyes red. (Bro have you been crying). Stepping away from Dex Danny wiped his eyes. (Dont push it Dex) Danny told Dex. From the small distance Dom saw That Grey had finally smiled too. (All right then) Dom said clapping his hands together. With all his son's looking at him. (We got some business to do).

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Sorry for the late release been really busy. But here it is the latest issue of my ongoing Comic script series. Hope you enjoy.

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Added on December 17, 2017
Last Updated on December 17, 2017
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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

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