Giga Issue 11

Giga Issue 11

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The mission to blow a base is under way. But the brothers mission will not end so easily

Both Dex and Dog collides there weapons together with the steels making heavy sparks. (Do you truly think we will let you destroy our plans so easly) Dog asked Dex when the both jumps away from each other for safety. (Well sorry but it has been easy so far) Dex told Dog. Losing his temper Dog jumps towards Dex coming down with a sweep from his leg tripping Dex to the floor. Hitting the heavy metal floor Dex lost his breath being winded. Dog then sits on top of Dex and went for a bite with his sharp fangs to Dexs face. But Dex was quick with a counter blocking the fangs with his guildblade. Dog gets a strong hold of the guildblade with his fangs and started to overpower Dex bringing the blade down towards him. Seeing he was in trouble once again Dex thinks of a plan B and kicks Dog in the gut. Dog grunted in pain while Dex flips Dog of him by using both of his legs. With the both of them now on the floor they both jumps to their feet. Dog was the one to attack first. Dog tried to claw Dex to death but the swordsman easily dodges the deadly attacks. (This is not taking me anyway I need to go on the attack) Dex thoughts to himself. Seeing a opening Dex hits dogs claws away and gets a hold of his neck and kicks him away gaining a lot of distance between them. And quickly shoots a energy blast from his guildblade. Dog smiled seeing the blast heading towards him. When close enough Dog vanished in mid air. Leaving the blast heading to the middle of nowhere being lost to the seas. Seeing that Dog was no where at sight Dex slowly circled his surroundings trying to not let his guard down his Sword in hand. (You will never find me) came Dogs voice. Starting to sweat Dex slowly walks backwards. But for only Dog to turn up from the shadows behind Dex and gets a massive chunk on Dexs neck keeping the firm grip. Dex roared in pain. Dog sticks his fangs deeper in Dexs Neck with blood starting to pure out. (It is over for you) Dog said chowing on Dexs neck. Dex cried more in pain now dropping his guildblade to the floor. Dex slowly went down to his knees when Dog had no signs of letting go of Dex. Dex was moments while of passing out Dex struggles to get his guildblade once he gets hold of his guildblade Dex turns it around and stabs Dog though the stomach. Dog finally lets go of Dex slowly walking backwards holding his bloody stomach in pain. Dex got slowly up holding a firm grip on his wounded neck watching Dog slowly walk to the edge and Dex finished it by shooting a blast from his guildblade hitting Dog of the edge and into to sea. Dex waited for a few seconds before falling back on his knees holding his neck and began to sweet. (Well that was annoying) Dex said with heavy breathing.

Nick kept on the attack by firing at Snake. Who approached him hitting the energy bullets away with his blade what was attached to the deadly whip. (Dame it. Stand still will you please). Nick asked Snake. Nick got his answer when he fond Snakes deadly weapon had fond his legs by wrapping over them with the blade making a knot. Snake pulled his whip pushing Nick to the heavy metal floor. Winded Nick felt that he was now in mid air getting spun around. Getting spun around Nick tried his best to find his mark but Snake was gone in less then a second every time Nick came around to Snake himself. (You know I like that tattoo on your face. I think I will cut it of and have it for myself once I am finished with you.) Snake told Nick while spinning him around. As dizzy as he was Nick kept focus and waited for the right moment. When the time was right Nick fired and Fond Snakes weapon hand. Snake shouted in pain dropping his weapon and Nick at the same time. Nick slowly got up and Fond his balance and walked towards the wounded Snake who held his gun wound hand. Snake looks up showing of his long tongue seeing Nick aiming his gun at Snakes head. And before Snake made his move for his weapon Nick fired hitting Snake at the forehead killing him. The body of Snake fell backwards with blood spilling everywhere when the corpse fond the metal. Nick quickly searched for Dex but as soon he dropped his guard bullets just passed him Nick turned seeing more guards after him. Nick takes a one long breath then ran towards the upcoming guards.

(Its a wonderful sight to look at) Dog repeated to Danny and Grey. Looking at the ready and waiting army. (We are not letting you do this) Grey told Dog. (That's why I am here to crush you). Said Bear clenching his big fist till his knuckles turned white with a loud click. (It seems the big guy is yours) Danny told Grey not losing his sights on Dog and Bear. Grey smiled when remembering when they where young. (He reminds me of you when you are angry). Danny responded with his own smile looking at Grey. (You will not be full of jokes once I am finished with you). Bear roared and ran towards Grey picking him up and jumps to the next floor smashing through the roof to the next room. Once in the new room the armoury room Bear thew Grey to a wall and gives him a deadly uppercut to his gut. But Grey came back with his uppercut and a straight hit to Bears face. Making the big man stumble loosening his footing. Then both men ran together like two rhinos clashing to a battle. Once clashed Grey and Bear gets hold of each other in a glitch testing there strength. In the end Grey overpowers Bear and puts him a judo flip slamming him to a wall. The wall slowly fall backwards not handling the weight. Bear got up more angry than ever and easily picks up the wall and breaks it down smaller then holding it like a sledgehammer. (You are strong little man) Bear told Grey. And before Grey came back with a answer Bear came in with his new weapon. Grey stumbled but did not get down. Bear then hits him again and again till finally Grey fell to his knees. But that did not stop Bear hitting Grey at the back of the head with his weapon. Grey hits face first to the floor and now dazed. Bear continued to hit Grey till the weapon was no more but crumbs. Standing over Grey Bear turns him around to face him. Bear got hold of Grey by the neck and came in with a heavy hit with his free massive hand. The impact of the hit coursing a massive hole under Grey. (That can't be all you got little man) Bear asked Grey letting go of his neck and then picking up by the Collier with one hand. Grey looked at Bear with a smile and wraps his legs on Bears arm and keeps a good hold on with his hands and flips the big man of his his feet slamming him to the floor. Bear made a small quake when landing on the floor. (No that's not what I got). Grey told Bear. Getting hold of both Bears feet and with no struggle Grey started to spin Bear around and throws him against a hard wall. When Bear slowly got up he saw Grey ran to him with incredible speed and Grey hits Bear with none see able punch combos. Grey moved to fast for Bear and in the end Grey hits one final blow knocking Bear threw the wall. Bear was on the floor not moving and Grey was standing over him with his fist smoking after hitting so fast. Grey turned away from Bear and made his leave.

(Die) roared Ghost shooting a arrow towards Danny who saw it coming and teleported out of the way. (Ah I see. So you can teleport whenever you like ). Ghost said putting out another arrow watching every corner of the room and also watching his back. And before Ghost could react Danny was already behind him Katana at his throat ready to cut it when ever he wants. (Its over) Danny whispered in Ghost ear. But Ghost smiled not worried of the deadly blade at his throat. (Its a reason why my name is Ghost. Its because I am also a assassin). Felling a sharp poke on his stomach Danny looked down to see a sharp hunting knife pointing at his stomach ready for the kill if Danny had made his move early. (There is no way) Danny said. (I am a assassin I can see anything from every corner). Knowing he was stuck Danny jumped back freeing Ghost. Ghost slowly turns to face Danny putting his knife back in his sleeve. (I see so you have hidden weapons) Danny said. (I have every part of my body is a deadly weapon). To give Danny a example Ghost throw hundreds of hidden knives at Danny. Who had hits them away easily with his katana. Danny then teleported away when more knives came his way. Danny teleported behind Ghost was already aiming his bow at him. (Your trick won't work on me. I told you this) Ghost said. (I do have more tricks.) Danny told Ghost. Danny then aimed his katana and it grow with top speed. Ghost had easily sidestepped the growing katana looking back at the tip hitting a wall. And when looking back forward he saw Danny running towards him. With a hard it to the jaw dropping Ghost. And Danny teleported again with his Katana. Ghost got slowly up wiping the blood from his mouth. (Well that trick had worked. But it won't happen again). Ghost smiled and shoot a arrow to a empty space. What turned out to be Danny's next spot the arrow finds its mark in Danny's hand. Danny grunts in pain seeing the arrow pierced in his hand. Blood has started to drip from his hand. (Dame I missed) Ghost said. Ghost then puts fours arrows in his bow ready for his next attack. (But I won't miss again). Danny says nothing but looks on at Ghost with a angry glare. (Your done). Ghost said shooting his arrows. As soon. The arrows where shot Danny ran towards his target Ghost. Dodging the arrows with the last one just missing his chin leaving a cut. But Danny ignored it and kept running to the wide open Ghost. (No wait) Ghost tried to beg for mercy but had none when Danny digs the pointy end of the arrow in his hand in Ghosts eye. Danny slammed Ghost to the wall. And slowly removed his pierced hand out of Ghost and the corpse fell with blood covering the face of Ghost.

Danny leaned on a wall to help his balance. And slowly Danny slide down to sit on the floor. Danny looks at the arrow stuck in his hand and snaps on end and removes it with a grunt. Danny then rips the sleeve of his hoody and ties it over his hand to stop the bleeding. Going through his pocket Danny picked up the switch for the timer bomb. With a smile Danny pushed the button with the timer saying ten minutes.

© 2018 Joshua Haines

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Author's Note

Joshua Haines
My latest issue of my ongoing Comic script series. Hope you enjoy.

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Added on January 9, 2018
Last Updated on January 9, 2018
Tags: Fantasy ongoing Comic series


Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..