Giga Issue 12

Giga Issue 12

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The bomb has been set. Can the four brothers make it out in time.

(Grey can you hear me. Danny had set the bomb. Get your team out of there and meet me at the pick up point. Nick has got it covered.). Dex heard the news from his ear piece and started to run to the pick up point. From Claire's report to Grey Nick should be there having it covered. So Dex ran as fast as he can holding tight on his bite wound. Dex saw the pick up point and Nick but the bad news was he was outnumbered and surrounded. So Dex knew he must help. With his guildblade glowing Dex got the magic blade out and shoot out a tornado from the guildblade pushing the enemy's of there feet. And to the sea. Nick noticed he was saved and spotted Dex running to him with a heavy neck wound.

(Nick) Dex shouted to now the relaxed Nick. (I have to thank you Dex. That was a great save). Dex smiled appreciated the thanks holding his neck what Nick had noticed. Nick gets hold of Dexs arm and slowly removed it away from his neck seeing the heavy deep bite wound. (That's a nasty wound bro. What happened) Nick asked. (Some crazy dude like bite me. Like some dame cheep vampire from a female books). Nick smiled to Dexs joke. (Don't worry bro. I can fix that). Nick said putting his own hand on the wound. And seconds after Nicks hand started to glow. Dex felt a little tingle from his neck and felt the wound leaving. (There you go) Nick said. Stepping back from Dex. Dex puts his hand on his neck where the wound was but felt nothing but dry blood. (Wow that's a cool trick. Thanks). (No worries. Do you have any idea where Grey and Danny is. Our getaway won't be long). And before Dex could answer a fist came from the floor and seconds later Grey jumps out from it with ease then wiping dust of him. (There) Dex told Nick pointing at Grey.

After wiping the dirt of him. Grey spotted Nick and Dex ahead of him. And before Grey could greet them his ear piece buzzed. (Claire is everything ok). (Yea a lot better now. Just letting you know I am near). (Ok copy that. I can see my two brothers up ahead. But no Danny. We can't leave without him. (Yea about that). (What is it Clair). There was no answer but just a pause. (Clair ) Grey said loosening his cool. (Well you see Danny is already in the plan). (What!. He did not even wait). (Sorry Grey. But it was a faster route) Danny told Grey. From his ear piece Grey knew and felt Danny smirking at him and his brothers. (Fine what ever. Clair don't be late). (There is no need to worry about me. But you got another problem). (What is it). (The captain gave me a update saying there is something huge under the sea). Grey then felt the metal floor rumble from under his feet. ( I think our new friend is going to show up). (Just be careful Grey you guys don't have long). Behind Grey a huge metal hand came holding on to misty peak. And coming up from the sea was a massive robot as tall as a building. Looking down at the heroes. (Sorry robot I am not in the good mood today). Grey said getting ready to leap. (So get lost). Grey shouted leaping to the head of the robot and hitting it with a massive strong blow. The face of the machine was crushed and the robot stumbled backwards. Landing back on the ground Grey saw Dex running past him with guildblade blade glowing. (This is it) Dex said jumping up but not as close as high as Grey and fires out a massive energy blast. What's cuts the robot in half. With both both ends crashing to the sea heavy enough to course a small rain for the brothers. (Good attack Dex). Grey putting his hand on Dex shoulders. Dex looked at Grey with a thumbs up.

(Ok there. They are go down by there). Clair said aiding the pilot. Danny sat down felling the plan going down. Danny removes his hood and too the ear piece. The plan back door was open when low enough and the rest of the brothers had entered the plan safety. And the pilot knew before getting the order made the escape before the bomb explodes. Now at a safe distance the plan rumbled when Misty Peak explodes taking everything with it. Sitting down Grey looked up at Danny sitting at the other end head down. Sensing Grey was looking at Him Danny lifts his head up to face Grey. (You did not even bother to wait for us) Grey asked Danny. (Soo what you got out alive ) Danny said. (Thats not the point Danny. What if we did not made it). (Hey Grey just leave him alone. We succeed it does not matter. It's cool bro). Nick said sitting next to Grey to calm him down. Then moved towards Danny. (What) Danny said looking up at Nick. Nick looked down to see Danny's wounded hand. (Your hand. you know I can heal you). (If you touch me you die) Danny told Nick. But Nick smiled and sat next to his brother held the wounded hand and started to heal it while Danny said nothing left his brother do his work.

© 2018 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
My latest issue of my ongoing Comic script series called Giga hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think so far.

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Added on February 1, 2018
Last Updated on February 1, 2018
Tags: Fantasy ongoing Comic series


Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..


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