Giga Issue 13

Giga Issue 13

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The first mission was a big successful. But what now lies next for the four hero brothers.

Once they have all returned to there father after the successive mission. Dom lines up his son's like in the life of a military. Dom looked at his son's one by one holding the covered up items behind his back what he made for his son's. (Well done all four of you. But even though Misty Peak is gone. Mandora still has plans to make his Blood Moon advance. He still have a army waiting from hell itself. ). (What's next) Grey asked. (What's next Grey. I will train you four. And make you four the most powerful beings on earth) Dom told Grey. (Is that even possible. You will just beat the carp out of us) Danny said. Dom smirked at Danny then laughed out loud before coming serious once again. (Indeed I would. But in the end the result will be good. You four also need to train how to teamwork since you slack it). (What do you mean) asked Danny. (You Danny). Dom said pointing at the oldest. (You just went on your own like nothing leaving your brothers). (And Grey. You where more worried about Danny getting there first before you. Then the mission). Not denying the truth. Both Grey and Danny both looks down at the floor not looking at there brothers for there guilt. (And as you know. Before we work on your and training and teamwork. Every team needs a leader. So I choice one out of you four). All the four brothers looks at their father waiting for him to give the answer. Waiting and waiting not one dared to talk. Dom smiled. And walked towards and looked dead eye to Dex who stepped back in shock.( (Yes Dex are the leader.). (Are you sure that's the right choice father). Nick said. (One hounded percent). (But why him) Danny asked looking at Dex. (I mean. He can't handle a job like this. Give it to me). Dex looked at Danny with a look telling him he will prove him wrong. Danny looked back ready to fight Dex but Grey walked between the two. (Knock it off Danny.). Grey said.(We all must trust Dads choice). (Even they could get us killed) Danny asked Grey. But Nick cuts in. (Yes) Nick told Danny. Danny looked at Nick knowing he was outnumbered Danny has no choice but to accept the decision. (Good now we have a agreement. I have a gift for the four of you). Dom said showing the covers items and removing the cover. The items was four pendants with four different colours stones with each of there own logos. (The four of you will wear these. Showing the compilation as Brothers. (Dex you will have the blue stone. With the white sword.) Dex then walked forward and Dom hands him the pendant. Dex wraps the pendant around his wrist now acting as a wristband with the pendant loosely dangling low. (Nick. You will have. The white stone with the black cross). Nick was the next to step up and Dom hands him his stone. Nick puts his Pendant at the end of the handle of his gun replacing the old chain. (Grey. You will have the. The green stone. With a golden Wolf). Grey. Walks to his father accepts the gift and puts it around his neck with the pendant over the police badge. (And Danny. You will have the red stone. With the black crow). Danny stood there with his father passing the pendant to him. Danny catches the pendant and puts it at the end of his Katana. With the four Brothers now with the pendant Dom next step was the training. (Ok lets work on your teamwork. And the training).

Slowly waking up with one of the worse headaches she ever had. Lora sat up finding her full body was covered with bandaged. Lora looked around seeing the room was full of crosses. After the attack the Butterbank church was in a much better condition. Thinking it was mostly Nick who did the place up Loras body felt stiff so she stayed in bed to wait for company. A movement was caught on the side of her eye. Making her slowly sit up to check it out. But saw nothing. Thinking it was Jay or Nick. Lora was about to relax again but a strong hand came around her neck choking the life out of her. Another figure came from the shadows walking towards Lora and the another intruder choking her. Lora notice there where priest from some other church. The priest in front of her held a sword pointing at her. (Look at this. There where suppose to be no one here in the wounded Butterbank). (So. We are here to search for your high priest Nick. Where are you hiding him) said the priest with the sword. Lora had no strength to fight her way out of the grip of the second priest not even enough to claw her way out. (If you don't mind young lady. We are going to send a massage. And yes you will be the message). The priest with the sword smiled at her thinking of the horrible things in his head. (Let her go) came a voice behind them. The priest turned to spot Jay. The two priest freed Lora to confront Jay who held his Duel blades. The big priest notice the high priest ring on Jay and did not keep his laughter in. (So you are the new high priest. Of Butterbank). (Leave at once. And I will let you live) Jay told the two priest. (Sorry kid. We have our orders). And with that the priest with the sword leaped to Jay with a attack. Jay blocked the attack with his Duel blades keeping hold of the sword with his blades. And in one move Jay struck the priest and came in front of the priest who slowly fell to the ground. Jay stood there looking at the big priest who was confused at what just happened. The big priest roared and ran towards Jay. Who had static all over his body waiting for the priest to come at him with a smile. With one move Jay puts his blades together to make a two sided blade. And finished attack in one flash temporary blinded Lora just for a second. Once she had her sight back she saw Jay standing over the big priest who was on the floor not moving. Jay looked up seeing Lora awake so he walked towards her not hiding his pleasure to see her wake. When Jay sat down next to Lora. She keep looking at the ring in his finger. (Did father Nick. Really put you as a high priest.) Lora asked. (He did before he went to his business. Lora I got some vary important things to tell you. So you need to listen).

Leaning on the wall sitting down heavy breathing. With blood covering his face. Barely able to hold his guildblade. Dex looked around to see all of his brothers. On the floor out cold. And there father Dom just standing there arms folded not even breaking a sweet. His father was teaching them about great teamwork and all he knows but it did not start great. But Dex knew he gotten better even though the full day was him getting his mass kick. (Get up Dex. You are not done yet). Not wanting to get his father angry. Dex to me a deep breath and starting to slowly to get up. (Get up) Dom called again. Dex again with all his might got to his feet. But fell to his knees. (All the way up.). Dex looked at his father takes a deep breath and got to standing up with a little shake. (Good. Now Dex come at me). Dex roared and ran to his father for another round.

© 2018 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Sorry for the late release for this latest issue was vary busy. But hope you enjoy the current Issue of my ongoing Comic script series.

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Added on March 15, 2018
Last Updated on March 15, 2018
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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..