Giga Issue 14

Giga Issue 14

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

Dot sets off to her own adventure

After deciding to go on the travels. Dot was ready and packed. The mother had also made some calls to her late husband's old friends from his days in the secret police force. What wife does not even know. One of the members is a elite solider named Lee. Geared up for anything with black body armour black cameos with black boots. And the second was a female a more combat master with two warrior blades. There names where Lee and Hazel.( make sure you protect my little girl you understand). Said the mother standing just outside of her house. (With my life). Lee told the mother. (I will make sure nothing happens to her) Hazel said. (I will be fine) Dot said pulling her backpack over her small shoulders. (If anything happens. I want you to come straight home ok). Said the mother going down on her knees to hug her daughter fighting back her tears. (I will mother) Dot told her mother slowly letting go of her mother and making her first steps on her long awaiting travel. Once at the distance Dot did not look back knowing she will just cry and wanted to just go back in her mother's arms.

After another hard days of training with there father. Nick felt and as his brothers where getting a lot better. Nick spotted Dex on one knee his guildblade stuck to the ground to keep his younger brother balanced. Nick tried to get to his feet. But had no energy left and fell to the ground with a heavy hit. Now on the floor Nick turned to see Grey helping Danny up to his feet. Nick smiled at the sight he thought those two would never get along. And even Dex leadership was becoming too great. (I hope you are not finish Nick). Said Dom. Standing at the other end. How the hell can he stand all of this and not break a dame sweet thought Nick getting to his knees. (Not intill he beats the carp out of you) Dex called talking for Nick. Nick looked at his leader who gave him a smile and a wink. And behind him Grey and Danny help up Nick. To his feet. (Well. Then come at me all of you. I have not had my fill).

Sitting high on his throne inside the Gedo temple. Mandora smiled knowing he has a upcoming visitor. A glowing fire ball was floating below him bright enough to light the whole room what Mandora was in. The ball then came to a shape of a man. Mandora stood from his high throne. And flew down towards the new arrival. (Ah my brother it's so good to ser you) Mandora told his brother Axel. Who stood there facing his brother not moving. (You need to stop this madness brother) said Axel. (I don't think the great and holy Atwood will be happy of you breaking this God law. By seeing me in person). At first Axel said nothing and gave his brother a nasty look of a Waring telling him if he pushes him he is going to get hit. ( You are one of the fallen. So I might have a past) Axel finally said keeping calm. (I came here to speak some sense in you. To stop this dame Blood Moon. Was one enough and that was a fail from the start). (My brother. You are the one who needs the sense). (What makes you think. You succeed this time. Mandora). (Because my Brother. This timeline have week souls ready to die) Mandora said in open arms. (But why create a utopia for yourself. Atwood will stop you with his Phoenix. You know that don't you). (I will just stop that once it comes) Mandora said. Finally giving up on his brother Axel nodded in disappointment and turned to make is leave. (Fine. You know what do as you well. You will only fail again). (Say that again. Brother). After the threat by Mandora Axel stoped and looked behind him over his shoulders. Clenching his fist till they clicked and his knuckles turned white Mandora leaped at Axel with a heavy blow. But Axel was already gone before Mandora got his hit and found a wall instead. To get him more angry Mandora could hear Axel laugh in the air. (Dame him. And those dame circle) Mandora said through his teeth removing his fist from the crack in the wall. Behind him the heavy doors was opened and Master Duke came rushing in. (Lord Mandora are you ok). (Yes Duke. Have your dark cloaks taking out the churches yet). (Yes my Lord. It's only a handful left and Butterbank is still standing). (No matter. Butterbank will not last long not without a high priest). Master Duke did not answer His Lord at first worried what the Lord will do after hearing the bad news. (What's wrong Master Duke) Mandora said seeing the worried look of the duke. (My Lord. High priest Nick survived our ambush. And gave his ring to a young man Named Jay and he is a vary skilful fighter and is now a new High priest of Butterbank). ( Then you best stop him and send your best). (I will. My Lord I will hang him and who ever follow him in his own church). (That is what I like to hear Master Duke). Master Duke bowed with one hand on his chest. Turned on his heels and made his leave leaving Mandora on his own. Waiting for a few seconds in the dark Mandora looks at his bloody fist. Ignoring the pain. Mandora walked back to his throne.

Grey slowly but heavy fell on his knees. With his fist badly damaged not able to close them. Grey looked up seeing his father laughing at him. All day Grey tried to hit him but no luck it was nightmare. But the training is going great. He was getting stronger and faster. Nick was getting better in his shooting. Danny was now able to teleport with people with him. And Dex was the one who improved the most with his Sword skills and even his Sword skills. Grey looked on seeing His father waiting for him covered in sweet. Good that means they are getting somewhere. Grey toke a deep breath and ran to his father. (I hope you are ready for round two) Grey called to his father. Dom said nothing but smiled at the upcoming Grey.

© 2018 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
My latest issue of my ongoing Comic script series is finally here hope you enjoy XD.

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Added on May 18, 2018
Last Updated on May 18, 2018
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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

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My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..