Giga Issue 17

Giga Issue 17

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The fight begins with the dying Fangs

The Dying Fangs locked on Grey, Nick and Danny waiting for any movement. Seeing they where outnumbered Grey kept calm and smiled. (It seems. We are outnumbered. I think it's the best time for Team Focus. But we need Dex to make it work). (We still have our. Power ups. But there will be no fun. We will just take them out with ease) Danny said. (We need to do this fast to help Dex.). Nick told Grey and Danny. (Just keep focus) Grey said closing his eyes followed by Danny and Nick. The same blue aura came around the brothers as the team focus. Grey opened his eyes. And slammed his fist together making a loud noise of a hard crash. On his fist came two large metal garments. As the same for his legs. And a metal guard mouth covering all his lower mouth. Nicks guns gets small blades attached to the top. And Danny's katana came to a long sliver spear. To test the Wight Danny throw the spear up spinning it around and caught it before it fell to the ground.

(Don't move) shouts out a dying fang who kept his gun up ready to kill anyone who moved. Danny looked at the Dying Fang who shocked in fear after seeing there magic show. With the bottom of his spear Danny smacked the Dying fang cracking his skull and knocking him out. With some Dying Fangs now surrounding Danny. Danny looked at his surroundings with a smile. Danny spun his spear around hitting everyone on sight. With Nick running and jumping over Danny. And landed on the tip off Danny's spear. And with a great spin Danny shoot Nick towards the rest of the Dying Fangs and gunned down all who was in front. Danny then found himself on the defence when a Dying fang came with a double chained scythe. Spinning and slashing at Danny who kept his distance from the deadly weapon with his spear. With one of the attacks getting caught on the spear. (Thats not good) Danny said. (Got you) the Dying fang said dragging Danny forward. When Danny got close he left the Dying Fang shocked when he teleported away.
(What?) But the Dying Fang had no time to think when Danny's spear pierced the Dying Fang through the chest. The body fell when Danny slowly removed the spear out. Danny spotted more Dying Fangs running towards him so he grew his spear and ran at them like a high jumper. Stabs his spear to the ground to leap over the Dying Fangs. Leaving them shocked and surprised. And at the perfect moment Danny had his spear to normal size and crashed down towards the Dying Fangs with a spinning attack of his spear cutting all down. (Just to easy) Danny said when his hood fell down.

Nick blocks the attacker with his new blades on his guns with the Dying Fang who had a massive sword to heavy for anyone to carry. (You are dead now you dame. Priest) the Dying Fang said while overpowering Nick to his knees. But Nick said nothing back and takes a shoot. Shooting the Dying Fang in the head with his brain and Gore going everywhere. With two more Dying Fangs running towards him. And Nick takes them out before they came any closer. When Nick was in the clear the wall behind explodes by a bomb what went of. Nick fell heavily getting the air smacked out of him. Coming out of the smoke where the wall was. A monster of a Dying Fang came out of the shadows with the biggest arms Nick have ever seen ripping through the heavy armour with the same with his legs. And towering everyone with his height. And the massive Dying Fang was holding a rocket launcher cross a double handed sword. The huge Dying Fang aimed the launcher at the long corridor at where Danny and Grey where holding of the Dying Fangs. Nick seat up aimed his Guns and opened fire. But to his horror the energy beams just bounced of the big Dying Fang. Acting like it was nothing The Dying Fang fired the rocket. (Grey heads up!) Nick called hoping Grey heard him.

Hearing Nicks Waring while picking up a Dying Fang by the neck. Grey spotted the rocket heading towards him. Grey threw the Dying Fang to a wall and ran towards the rocket. With his great strength Grey punches the rocket what exploded on his new metal fist. The shock wave pushed most of the Dying Fangs away from the fight. The smoke finally cleared with Grey standing there unmarked with just flames around his metal fist. (No way) the big Dying Fang said looking at Grey who looked back. And aimed his launcher again. But before he can fire again Grey had dashed towards the big man. With a heavy gut punch what broke the heavy armour in pieces. The big Dying Fang fell backwards. Making a small quake hearing heavy footsteps Grey looked at the gap at where the big Dying Fang came and saw another monster of a man holding what believed to be a top half of a tank. No wasting more time Grey ran at the war Dying Fang. But the huge Dying Fang hits Grey away with his weapon. Hitting through a wall Grey quickly got back up. Walking towards the big Dying Fang. (Lets see if you can take my attacks as easily as my brother's) the big Dying Fang said. Aiming his tank weapon at Grey's face point blank. And before he fired Grey punched inside the holster of the tank. By the time the Dying Fang had noticed it was already to late. A backfire had happened. Leaving a huge hole in the Dying Fangs chest. When the body fell the Wight of the Dying Fang was to much for the floor and fell through it.

Searching for a safe route. Dex stops when seeing that Setlo stop suddenly looking at a beating down door. (Setlo come on. We can't stop here.) Dex said going back to Setlo. (We need to Jidus. Before we escape and its in there). Checking there was no one following Dex opened the door and let's Setlo enter. The room they entered was full of papers they where on the floor tables and even the walls. Dex looked around the room with interest while Setlo rushed to find what he was looking for moving the papers away. Holding a small black box. Setlo handed it to Dex. (The Jidus. Is in there and its the only that can stop the Blood Moon from working.). From under his old dirty rags Setlo brought out his Necklace what had a key. And opens the box what had a golden globe inside. (Is that the Jidus) Dex said looking at the globe. (Yes. With it you must plant it in the ruins of Dragon Riders). (Same from the old stories) Dex asked. ( its not just stories. They are true. And it's buried deep under Butter...). But before Setlo could finish. A hole came on Setlo chest and started to drip blood covering his rags. (Setlo no) Dex called catching the old man before he can fall. Dex looked down at the lifeless body of Setlo. Knowing there was nothing he can do. Just forgetting about the Jidus for a second what rolled out of the room. And entering the room was a man what Dex knew vary way from the news and being the second most wanted one lower from his brother. Sky swings his gun what killed Setlo and turned it back to his sword. (Thought that guy would never shut up) Sky said. (You killed him) Dex said standing up. (Well. If it makes things better. My job is to kill you and you brothers aswell). Sky told Dex who was on guard with his Guildblade. ( not if I can help it) Dex said if now both Dex and Sky at a stare down and not one seems to be backing down.

© 2019 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Here it is everyone my latest issue for my ongoing Comic script series hope you all enjoy. Can't believe it's been a year since the first issue lol

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Added on January 8, 2019
Last Updated on January 8, 2019
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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..