Giga Issue 18

Giga Issue 18

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

A fight begins between the leader of the brothers Dex and the leader of the dying Fangs Sky.

(You will pay for this) Dex shouted with a surprise attack. Sky blocked the guildblade with great reflexes and kicked Dex away. Sky then turns his big sword to a gun with one swing of the blade. And shout at Dex. Dex hits the bullets away with his Guildblade and rolled away from the rest. Rolling behind on of the tables Dex went to the offence by jumping over the table hits away more bullets from Sky. Before shooting a energy blast from his guildblade to Sky. Sky ducks from the blast and witnessed the power of the blast when it to me out a whole room behind him. Sky looked at Dex and whistled with excitement. (Thats a nice guildblade you got there. Tell me did you know Tedo himself had more than one guildblade that legend had so much more). Sky said putting his weapon back to blade mode. And stated to circle around Dex who kept his eye and his guildblade up for anything. (How did you find something like that) Sky asked. (Setlo gave it to me. The same man you just killed). Dex told Sky. (He found me one day lost. After I separated from my brothers he to took me in and gave me the blade. Saying something like he can see something in my eyes.). ( And you taught you to fight). (My Uncle. My mother's Brother. To come think of it he too had a same blade as this). (So. I know two possible Guildblade. Once I take yours I will get you to talk. To tell me where your uncle is.). Sky said with his own surprise attack to Dex. Who too was quick enough to block. With sparks spreading with the two blades colliding. Sky went in for a deadly swing but Dex jumps over his blade. Dex lands on Skys blade and ran on it and gave Sky a nasty kick to the mouth. Dex then quickly jumps away back to the ground with a smile of satisfaction. Sky holds his mouth in pain and spits out blood. (You worthless piece of s**t) Sky said with now a bloody mouth. Sky then ran to Dex with a fake swing of his blade confusing Dex then stabs his sword to the floor. And gave Dex a professional spinning back kick. Hitting the of guard Dex to the gut. Hitting Dex out of the room hitting a wall before falling to the ground. Looking up Dex saw Sky jumping out of the room. Dex rolled out of the way when the heavy blade finds the floor. Dex found himself rolling away again and again When Sky kept coming in for another attack while Dex was on the floor. Dex blocks the last attack with his blade and pushes it away. And leaped up. Dex made a 360 spin when finally shooting out a energy blast. With Sky who had no time to dodge but instead blocked the blast with the inpact. Shooting Sky away loosening his footing. Dex jumped up leading on Sky with both hitting the floor with Dex up top he went in for the kill. But Sky blocks the attack. And overpowers Dex. Kicking him away. Dex rolled back to his feet. While Sky got back up with the help of his sword. With both breathing heavily Sky was the first to smile. (You are really good Kid) Sky said spitting out more blood. (Stop with this kid thing I am Twentyone ) Dex told Sky. (Shame. So young to die in). Sky said pointing his Sword at Dex. (Oh trust me. I am not going to die today). (You seem confident are you). Dex was now the next one to smile. (You see Sky. I am not fighting at full strength). Dex told Sky putting his Guildblade over his shoulder with a smile. (Oh really) Sky asked. (You see Sky. I found a way to fight with lots of power) Dex said stabbing his guildblade to the ground. (What?) Sky asked. Sky watched on seeing Dexs clothes starting to change colours to all sliver. And with a second blade came in front of Dex like a magic trick. A slightly bigger sword then his guildblade a all sliver sword. (You are no match for me now). Dex said getting holdof his new sword what he called Sliver Dance. . Dex now held to swords in his right was the guildblade and in his left was sliver dance. (What do you mean) Sky asked. (All of my moves went up a great level.). Sky had his sword up and ready. But Dex dashed Dex repeatedly attacks with both swords with incredible speed. Sky had no time to react to stay behind his sword. (Dame it this kid has gotten fast). Sky said under his breath. With a fake swing to make Sky block. Dex went low. Hitting Sky up to his chin with the bottom of his sword. Breaking his teeth Sky stumbled back in pain. Dex jumped up with a spinning kick. Hitting Sky. Further back. Dex landed back on ground on guard while Sky is still wondering what happened. Slowly standing up. Sky kept his balance by leaning on his sword. (Like you said kid.) Sky said holding his jaw. ( your moves went up). Removing his hand from his jaw Sky allows the Blood drip from his mouth. (Its been fun kid. But I did all I can. But I must make my leave.). Sky told Dex removing his scarf. (Here) Sky said throwing his scarf at Dex. Who caught it With confusing but sky saw the opening ran to Dex and gave him a knee. To the gut with Dex grunting in pain Sky gets his scarf back from Dex. (See you again). Sky said making a run for it. (dame it) Dex said under his breath getting back on his feet. Dex quickly made the chase Turing on the corner seeing Sky making a gateway. With Sky running up the steps and Dex following suit.

Coming to the roof of the old house. Dex looked up to see a Airship and Sky looking down at him in a open hatch. (Like I said. It's been fun). Sky shouted shaking his sword to a gun. And opens fire Dex got ready to block but a new figure came jumps in front of Dex and with just his hands hits the bullets away. Dex looked on to see his father in front of him. Sky looked at the man he studied vary well and knew he was in trouble. (Dame it. Even he is half dead. I can't escape with him around). Sky told himself entering the airship. (Blaze. It's your turn). Sky told Blaze. Who put the air ship on autopilot and opened the hatch to jump out of the airship landing meters away from Dom and Dex. Blaze looked at her challenge and filled her hands with fire. ( watch your back Dex. She is a tricky one). Dom warned and Dex nodded.

© 2019 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
My latest issue of my ongoing Comic script series. Hope you enjoy. Sorry that I take a while been busy XD

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Hi Joshua
I haven't read the previous chapters so I felt like thrown right in the mix here. It wasn't so bad, though, for I could make sense of the scene you're trying to describe here.
But therein lies the problem. It's a description, with incorrect grammar and written almost hurriedly that makes it feel like the words are thrown on the reader rather than laid out for them to read, see, and feel. There are grammatical and spelling errors which you can easily sort out with software like Grammarly. If you read it slowly again, you'll see most of them yourself. That's how editing always is for writers!
But try to add some breathing into this writing. It felt to me like the entire thing was said to me in a single breath and I was struggling to grasp on to as much as I could. A little punctuation, a little showing the scene, and adding some life and emotion to the characters' dialogue will help the reader see your story better, I feel.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Posted 1 Year Ago

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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..