The Honest [E]X

The Honest [E]X

A Story by Solidad

When he was honest about the way he REALLY treated her.

"And just like that her honey brown eyes stopped glittering at me," he spoke with his hand placed at his upper lip, "Its not that she'd stopped loving me; she always did and always will and I know that. She just stopped respecting me and found someone else who valued her more. Which was my mistake not hers."
He paused as his eyes glazed over,"She was...she deserved better than me. Always had: always will. It was stupid of me to assume that I could keep her."
He shifted uncomfortably in his chair, "I was always invalidating her feelings and using mine to bully her...she was the most beautiful wallflower in the world and I picked her; took her. And I expected her to live in a vase without sunlight and on display."
He choked.
"I killed her spark; I broke her and eventually her love for me wilted too..." clasping his hands in his lap he slouched his shoulders in resignation at his own admonishment of guilt.

© 2015 Solidad

Author's Note

One quote story. You fill in the rest.

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Loved this. Hit home. well written. Very good job. Didn't expect something so short to have such power. Amazing job

Posted 9 Years Ago

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9 Years Ago

Thank you I'm really pleased you liked it. I think when I was younger I was much more long winded bu.. read more

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