Poetically Crooked

Poetically Crooked

A Poem by Solidad

This is about a man who seems to know everything about nothing.

Its amazing to watch people who hope for depth.
Those who hold on to their false idols,
Smiling and snapping at the things you don't understand.
Just mere words that were beautifully strung together.

Making cries about what we don't understand,
What we need to realize.
We're not blind we know what we see we chose to look away.
Because all you're going on about is how hard things are for you.

I don't need to be warned by your attractively vindictive syllables,
Or fake knowledge of things you don't truly know anything about,
It doesn't impress me.
You may make her smile but I know better.

For you're as deep as a rain puddle,
And about as meaning full as an empty apology.
It pains me to pretend that I enjoy your company,
I have no right to grimace at your ignorance.
Though I do when you turn your face.

We sit longer as my patience fades,
There are more words juggled around the room.
I can't explain what it is about you.
I guess I can just smell the manipulation.

No one believes me,
So I sit back and watch the colored hats speak wise words though their ambitions,
Much like mine,
Their words jump no further then lined pages.

Bound to one another like a bad idea is to mischief,
The politically incorrectness of your thoughts are strung together.
And she believes it,
Because you want her to.

You only hear the ringing of the nouns you wish you knew how to piece together.
They echo because you don't understand that they're lies.
And you believe them,
Because unlike most you don't know better.

You like to sit around and talk about what I "don't" know,
Because I'm too young,
Or so you say.
What could I have possibly learned in 21yrs?

And as the two of you drive off in your Mercedes,
I sit and think about what my 21yrs could school you on.
And my "friend",
You've got some catching up to do.

My rhyme and meter maybe off,
My words may hang just a little crooked and fresh out of the mouth of a babe,
But unlike you,
I know what I'm talking about.

I say what I mean and I'll mean to aim it at you if you're not careful.
For my words can be just as sharp.
Lucky for you I don't write poetry often.
Doesn't matter much anyways.

You'll only mistake my honesty as being a "hater".

© 2010 Solidad

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Incredibly powerful~ it's like watching scattered puzzle pieces of human intent being put back together by experienced hands~ your thoughts are fluid imagery~words perfectly strung in the same manner as a professional strings freshwater pearls~

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on December 5, 2010
Last Updated on December 5, 2010
Tags: sarcasm




"I own everything that has happened to me. I'll tell my stories and if people wanted me to write warmly about them; they should've behaved better." -Unknown more..

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