The Widow

The Widow

A Poem by Layla J Omorose

The Widow


Heart strings are connected, tied, with invisible strings,

Tied together, woven, like a Widow’s web,

They unite those that were once lost,

In the darkness of universal loneliness,

Thus it is done.

Forever bound, relationship molded, by celestial hands,

Cosmic energy, liquid hope, flowing through hallowed halls,

Its foundation solidified through strengthened ties,

Forged in the depths of desolate grief.


And yet there is this,

An inevitable fact that holds true,

 These heart strings made from invisible ties are often forgotten,

Consumed, swallowed, by indignant righteousness,

Probable pride factors into the mathematics of illogical reasoning,

The Widow, in her fangs lays a destructive poison,

In her are the catastrophic ways of adolescent serpents,

She is the metamorphic price of vain luxury.


But when all is said and done,

The strings tied, glued together by absolute fate,

Will forge a holding ground, a battlefield, of navigated hope,

Tied, woven together, bound by tightening ropes,

That not even her black poison can penetrate,

This is the formation, the creation of obscene bliss,

The formulation of tranquil longevity,

That defies the holographic projection of abstract lies.


Heart strings are forever bound by a relationship molded by celestial hands,

Tied together, woven in a cosmic energy that is covered in liquid hope,

They unite those that were once lost in the depths of desolate grief,

In the darkness of universal loneliness its foundation has always been solidified through strengthened ties.

© 2014 Layla J Omorose

Author's Note

Layla J Omorose
Not my best, but I hope you like it. :)

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Added on July 22, 2014
Last Updated on July 22, 2014


Layla J Omorose
Layla J Omorose


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