Satans Pillow

Satans Pillow

A Poem by Yuval Freund

If you like long sentences, this one is for you!

This bed of nails, in which I lay
my thoughts before I sleep;
a cradle of emotions rocked
by devils and black sheep,

assembled from the finest wood
that one might find in hell,
it burns so gracefully as I
retract into my shell,

of fears which I've forgotten long
before I could remember,
what it is that turns a man from
captive into savior,

and what it means to be myself,
my hopes, my goals, my dreams;
I'd hate to say I've lost my way -
I've never seen the schemes,

for this dark maze I'm running through,
for I was promised cheese;
I've been eating mold for years now
may I please have it? Please?

I've kept my end, I've sacrificed,
I've given all I had,
and in return I'm left for dead,
for I was driven mad.

© 2012 Yuval Freund

Author's Note

Yuval Freund
Hope you sleep well after reading. Don't let your mind wonder too far off into the abyss.

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I like long sentences and wandering into abysses so enjoyed this one. Nice dark imagery, especially the second stanza. Is 'I've never saw the schemes' deliberate? Should it be 'seen the schemes' or have I misread? Great write! NH

Posted 9 Years Ago

Splendid read. The ending really brought it all together. Something must be going around, theres a lot of darkness and sadness being spread. Great write!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Yuval Freund
Yuval Freund

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A Poem by Yuval Freund