Love Story

Love Story

A Poem by Yuval Freund

From very young age I was brought to believe
in the power of love, in "Adam and Eve",
there was never a choice, or questions about
how essential it is - there was never a doubt.

I've watched all the movies, I've read all the books
all filled with a promise, a message, a hook -
one kiss could forever turn worlds upside down
turn maid into princess, grant poor slaves a crown

And I never doubted the story was real
I've let them control how I think, how I feel
I was a believer in love, in it's glory
and I couldn't wait for
a love story.

I've spent many years wondering when it'll come
and pictured how perfect my life will become
I was but a fool, and as blind as a mole
to lies and illusions I've given my soul

I wanted to think there was more to my life
that everything's better as husband and wife
I thought I'm awake as it all seamed so real
it was nothing in fact, just a man tailored dream

I've started to doubt that the story is real
I've started to notice I'm hooked on this thrill
they've fed me these lies which now taste oh so corny
is there really, awaiting,
a love story?

I've craved for someone to grab hold of my hand
to say "everything's fine", or "I understand"
to declare our true love to a welcoming world
or just lie there in bed without saying a word

I've asked for too much, without thinking it through
this story's a tale that will never come true
I wish I was wrong, but I can't live a lie
I can't sit and wait, while my life passes by.

I no longer think that the story is real
a life without love - is that such a big deal?
is there something more than two people together
and where is my happy
ever after?

© 2011 Yuval Freund

Author's Note

Yuval Freund
I'm pretty tired right now, so any suggestions/corrections will be welcome.

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Touching, heartfelt write. I liked it. Nicely done!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on October 29, 2011
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Yuval Freund
Yuval Freund

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A Poem by Yuval Freund