His Two Cents

His Two Cents

A Poem by Judith M.A.C. Fisher

A beginning synopsis the day my husband and I decided to do a "collaborative" painting on canvas together...


3:45pm...observing you laying yourself down over me on the canvas...

my images of unbridled freedom and your beginning to put the details of the messages in...

messages to both of us and other future observers.

a title for now "Rivers Running Through It."

the rivers running deep through the images...

even deeper when enhanced with the tool of 3-D glasses

making the rivers seem like they go through the canvas and into the walls.

it will be interesting to observe the blending of us.

4:01pm...you are giving details in one of the river's pathways...

scrubbing them in with your worn brush...one of many brushes.

the color is red.

red is for passion and blood.

"blood is thicker than water" the quote states.

we are now bound by blood in the depths of our rivers.

your subconscious says it's true.

and we both know that you paint the truth.

the rivers shape some entities and divide others,

and they all are dancing or sitting or standing

in the freedom rectangle I put them in.

you've just blocked out a piece of the sun

with red and white...passion and purity.

we both do not know where any of this is going...any of it.

and peace, love, light will surround and permeate us

as we step into this portion of our life.

i use singular expression...life...

because we are one...blended.

let's see what we make of what we have been given.

i watch you openly observe and receive the messages, the images,

of which the truth will be told.

in your left hand is one of your created jewels which

holds substance that breaks down your

mind's human endowments so that

release of hidden things

comes through your hands and fingers onto the canvas...

brushes are not the only thing you use to scrub the canvas with.

4:22pm...in another portion of sun, you're searching

and highlighting more pieces of the story...of the messages...

of another part of truth.

what or who is looking back at us?

who or what wants to be revealed, seen, recognized,

to contribute and work in tandem with us.

creating shadows in this part of the river's pathways with charcoal...

the rubbing of that charcoal with your fingers...

giving life to details that are hidden...

screaming to be part of this scene...

by Judith MAC Fisher

© 2017 Judith M.A.C. Fisher

Author's Note

Judith M.A.C. Fisher
please ignore non-capitalizations, grammar, punctuation...otherwise, what do you think? I wish I could put the painting up that goes with this writing.

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Added on April 19, 2017
Last Updated on April 19, 2017
Tags: mediation, spirit, soul, twin flames, ancients, reincarnation, subconscious, art, abstract


Judith M.A.C. Fisher
Judith M.A.C. Fisher


AND...I am doing the 60s in my 60s...fun times...the best for last. Am a painter, poet, mentor, writer of short stories, animal lover, vegan... more..