Johnna I Love You

Johnna I Love You

A Poem by Ju Ju

"If you love someone let go,

If they come back, they are yours forever

But if they don't it wasn't meant to be"


That little quote

That little quote that says more than 3 lines of words


Has she come back to me?

Or is she scared to live without me

Does she love me?

I believe she does


It hurts

It gonna start coming to a time

when life as we know it has to let go


I make you unhappy

I make you sad

I am the one who ruined everything we had


I walked out and left my soul in the basement

I'm the one who said stop hammerdown time

I have to brave and wait

I will even hold my hand out as bait

and pray to hell I won't get bitten


You use to adore me

I was happy

You were happy

Your the important one


You cracked me open

and said "Oh this is you, now be you with all that you can do"

Now it's time to say

that life this way

Has to change

I need to be better for me and you


Johnna I Love You

© 2008 Ju Ju

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Great job! i really enjoyed this poem. you bring up great questions... if someone leaves and they comeback, do they come back out of love? or do they come back out of fear? this poem makes you think about it!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on February 26, 2008


Ju Ju
Ju Ju

Flint, MI

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