Heard By All

Heard By All

A Poem by Ju Ju


Heard by all

The folk guitars

And influential lyrics

The listeners listen

The hearers hear

The radicals protest

The hippies believe in love

The musicians play the theme song of the time

This is the generation of industry

This is the generation of change


From Johnson to Nixon

From Bush to Bush

We all live in a time of war and peace

We all protest

We all have opinions

We all have cliques

Listen to the train

And go to the tambourine man

The generation of change

To the generation of technology


We have our metaphors

We have our poets

We also have the whiners with no do just say

We all sit on our Asses

And only watch how time passes

Women do more

Men seem to have done less

From the time of peace and love and equality

To the time of murder and death and undiscovered truth

We all live in a generation

When the songs have a different beat


We go from generation of change

To the generation to know one we know remains

The generation of protest

To the generation of less

There no good changes

We have nothing left

We have another depression coming

They’re no money

And no good news

But yet there are still are few

Who still have a voice?

© 2008 Ju Ju

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Added on April 15, 2008


Ju Ju
Ju Ju

Flint, MI

I am Judy, Writting is my thing. I listen to a variety of music. I am in love with one person. I like reading alot. I will read up to 5 books in a month. It's crazy. I like to act. I write because I h.. more..

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