It Must Have Been Spring

It Must Have Been Spring

A Poem by MsJewel

~ the honey was sweet ~


It must have been spring…


the bees were busy

the honey was sweet

and sweeter still

when shared beneath the beauty of cherry blossoms


and lush leaves breathing melodies

of sun and shade

as the afternoon swayed

into the night…


Her velvet dress unzipped

desire exposed and overflowing

on the warmth of the wind,

as the moon winked to an ocean of stars



We swam in the tide,

blowing kisses to the stars

tempting these winds

til trees lay bare

and cherry blossoms were our only cover

from the blush of the moon…



it must have been spring…

the honey was sweet

© 2018 MsJewel

Author's Note

Poetry - MsJewel
Photograph ~ compliments of pinterest

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So very beautiful, this is so wonderful and delightful to read.
You have talent, awesome writing

Posted 7 Months Ago

Indeed spring is a time when all things come to life and we, as humans, regain our 'lust' for life and putting out winter coats at the back of the wardrobe. Sensual and warm and sunny as a write.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Captured my interest I love spring and the way you have described it with sweet honey bees and cherry blossoms in the trees.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Soft sensual images to stir the imagination. Light and dreamy. You always bring the reader to a place of peace and contentment.
Richie b.

Posted 2 Years Ago

It is romantic in form but not too many poets are willing to help poets get better, I imagine this being read on a country walk but doing away from the cliches is what is going to make you a better poet. If you reach into your romantic imagination and let your mind run wild then the poetry will get better...although you have quite a few visitors so I might want to shut I did enjoy this but lines like "blowing kisses to the stars"..well, we know that that line has been used numerous times so maybe instead you might try lines a little less played. Just trying to help and again I did enjoy it as I am a hopeless romantic myself..people sorta die in mine Just kidding and good luck. I meant no disrespect as you obviously got this far so...thanks for listening! And a pleasure to meet you.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Captivating is what I can say. Honestly romantic. Something you do well.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Beautiful expression. Some lovely poetic lines here. Thank you


Posted 2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

Thank you for your kind words :) Julie
Christine Anne Shaw

2 Years Ago

You are welcome, and pleased to meet you Julie :))
Sublime meandering through the heat in many ways :) Glorious imagery and sensations to behold...

Posted 2 Years Ago

You have a romantic way of describing things, but not in an overly sappy way. It's just right.

This brings me back to a simpler time in my life. When the summer nights were not so cluttered with adult things and I could just enjoy them for what they are.

Too many people get caught up in replicating the past. They forget that the present isn't much different, it is us who are different. The past isn't in itself what was beautiful, the unbridled optimism of youth is what is beautiful.

I might of got a little off track there... sorry for rambling.

Posted 2 Years Ago

' .. lush leaves breathing melodies ~ of sun and shade ~ as the afternoon swayed ~ into the night… '

The chosen graphic beckons the reviewer closer, then - your words tie the reader to your beautifully expressed love-in. Spring's moments seem far longer than all the other seaons' !

Posted 2 Years Ago

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