Some Roses

Some Roses

A Poem by MsJewel

for my lovely daughter


Some roses are so lovely

they see you smile…


petals dance

                on a lullaby

the joy of a songbird’s melody

high up in the trees


As graceful as the wind stirring your hair

weaving golden threads to catch the beauty of the day

             the light that is you


First in my love, my strength, my happiness….


In times of struggle, I look to you as I would an indigo dream

of endless skies and warm spring days

and birds that sing with lifted voice


as poetry finds my heart again


and I think

some roses are so lovely

© 2020 MsJewel

Author's Note

art by Garmash
poetry by MsJewel

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Featured Review

Even before I got to the line that mentions it, I was hearing birds chirping and seeing the plants and flowers gently sway in the breeze.
This is why poetry exists, to fully convey feelings bursting from a heart.
I'm sure these words will be a future treasure to that child, all grown.
Beautifully penned.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

Thank you for your lovely comment :) Julie


This is such a a beautiful and wonderful write.

Posted 1 Week Ago

What a lovely write.
Roses are sweet and so is this poem.

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Thank you for your kind words
That was be autiful. A very touching poem for your daughter. seems like forever since I read your poetry.

Posted 7 Months Ago

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7 Months Ago

Thank you for your lovely comment :) Julie
awhh, yes roses speak
love along with bird's
sweet song in as
springtime makes its debut

a lovely write here
so well expressed
and penned

Posted 7 Months Ago

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7 Months Ago

Thank you Fran :) Julie
  Fran Marie

7 Months Ago

you're welcome
When you are in love, everything is more beautiful. Everything is a bit more velvety and the inspiration to write just sort of flows. I am so glad it has found you again, Julie. This is so soft and gentle. Tres romantique! Lydi**

Posted 7 Months Ago

I like this. It conjured some very pleasant imagery for me and evoked some wonderful feelings. I especially love the term "indigo dream." Beautiful. Thank you.

Posted 10 Months Ago

An interesting subject. Not reviewed for a while and enjoyed this first read. Some lovely imagery, especially as Roses are one of my favorite flowers.

Posted 10 Months Ago

I just bounced in to see what condition my condition was in.
And here is a beautiful poem from you.
Always love reading whats in your mind and heart.

Posted 11 Months Ago

I liked the way you moulded few lines so beautifully.....there were a couple of lines where you could have simply written them but you weaved them into melody.....and lastly *as poetry finds my heart again*......hit me's the basic tie/feeling/reason which brings us here....
All the best for future

Posted 11 Months Ago

i can see roses and connected imagery while reading your poem. really wonderful nature writing.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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35 Reviews
Added on April 11, 2020
Last Updated on April 11, 2020
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The Beach, CA

I've been writing poetry for 15 years. My poetry isn't unique in any way, but it is written from the heart. I have trouble keeping up with everyone's poetry, so please send me rr's. I enjoy rec.. more..


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