Run To the Woods

Run To the Woods

A Poem by Julie Dant

A poem about the loss of a best friend



The young man was only 25 the night he died
on a deserted stretch of a country back road
The third person to know was his mother who cried
and would for the rest of her life carry that load.

An early morning accident took his life.
2 AM the clock in his truck read.
He left no children to grieve, nor a wife,
“Small comfort, but still a blessing.”people said.

But…what about you, Zak?
….what will you do?
You loved him, didn’t you?
Like a brother. Your best friend.
He wanted you to come along with them.
To go out to a couple of bars
You begged off for you were just too tired.

“I’ll see ya tomorrow.” you said and waved him away,
“Go on…don’t do nuthin’ I wouldn’t do. Nah..I’m gonna stay.”
“Go ON……be careful. I’ll see ya tomorrow….”
I’ll see ya tomorrow………………..

He was sensitive..same as you.
You loved him, didn’t you?
Like a brother. Your best friend.
The ringing shattered your sleep and then
the horror of the words ….
“Brock died tonight…just about an hour ago…
coming home by the backroads to avoid the traffic flow.”

To the woods, Zak…
Run to the woods…..!
Go deep into your beloved woods..
and find a secret place to let the tears flow.
Just go……into your woods…just go
and cry until your ribcage aches..
and rail against a God that takes
good people, children and best friends.
But don‘t you know?…This is not the end.

For you’ll cry until you feel him there.
He will be, you know…he’ll stay right there,
until you’re body’s exhausted and your emotions spent
and he’s satisfied that you know where he went.

And for the rest of your life he will be by your side
Wherever you go..he’ll be along for the ride.
Whenever you need him, to feel him close
Whenever you’re missing him the most
just take a walk on his land…
through the woods to High Rock
And you’ll feel him all around you….
it’s there you’ll find Brock.

© 2009 Julie Dant

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Added on November 19, 2009


Julie Dant
Julie Dant

Washington, IN

I've lived in Southern Indiana almost all of my life. I've written poems most of that time, but I am just beginning to share some. I don't think I am great.. I may not even be good, but it is one out.. more..

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