A Chapter by Juliet

Chapter One

"Hey Monroe, is that the best shot you've got?" Glacier hisses, there's that familiar glimmer in her glossy eyes. I allow a smile to seep slowly onto my lips; the way ink stains fresh paper. The crowd of Street Trash that swarms around us seems to fade away. Their screams and cheers dissolving into white noise. Glacier nimbly dances forward; her long blonde hair flows around her tiny body like she's underwater. 
Slowly I re-wrap the end of the grungy, white strips of cloth I've tied around my wrists and hands. Glacier snorts a laugh.
"Aw, there's the girl I know. You ready to fight me or are you just gonna tie your hands up?" She snickers. I hate new kids. They think they know it all; they think they're tough.
"Sweetheart you're just bark not bite," I laugh before closing my hand into a fist and landing a quick punch to her cheek.
 Glacier stumbles back a little, her eyes wide. She lunges shoving me to the cracked concrete. A dull throb radiates through my back while I squeeze my eyes shut. Glacier gets in a good two hits and I feel the blood flowing like a river through my mouth. 
Swallowing the salty pain I reach up and grab a fist full of golden hair. Using all my force I pull, and Glacier screams. With another yank and the sounds of her agony echo off the alley walls. The Street Trash howls with anticipation. I pull my fist back with my prize, a wad of blonde. Kicking her away I leap to my feat. My hearts racing. No matter how many times I fight it beats fast. Glacier moves to get up but I shove her backwards. The crowd scrambles like stray dogs to get out of away. I step forward and Glacier grabs onto my legs and drags me down to the ground with her. I scratch at her face managing to draw blood. In seconds feel a sharp pain in my stomach.
I move to get to my feet again. Hooking my fingers around the collar of shirt I wrench Glacier to her feet. I hear my name being screamed from the crowd. No turning back now. I focus my attention on Glacier. One of her eyes is barley open the other one has a cut just bellow it. Rivulets of blood stream from her open mouth. Pulling my hand back I finish her off with one blow. With a heavy sigh of breath I drop the limp Glacier to the ground. The Street Trash shout in protest, but I glare at the crowd. 

© 2012 Juliet

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That was really good! Perhaps one of those things that goes on in the shadows of downtown Seattle? =) I think you've brought a really fast paced and imagery filled scene alive. It hums with motion and sweat, pain and urgency. Well done!


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Posted 9 Years Ago

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