CH 2

CH 2

A Chapter by JunBeanii

10/3/75 -SIRIUS BLACK-
Filch is a greasy git.

Who has yellow, crooked teeth.

Bad breath.


Just pure ugliness all wrapped up in one man. No wonder he's such an arse all the time. I would be too, if I had to see all that every time I looked in a mirror. 

My fingers are still stinging from all those cauldrons he made me scrub; it really puts into perspective how horribly  muggles and squibs live without magic. (Aha. Another reason why he's so bitter all the time.)

Usually detentions are more endurable because I either have Prongs or Wormtail or Moony by my side scrubbing cauldrons, writing lines, or doing paperwork with me. It's so boring without either of them. 

Ah, well. At least I don't have to work with that toerag, Remus.

You don't think he'd be the type to hold a grudge, eh?

It's already been, like, two weeks since that thing at the Shrieking Shack, and he still won't talk to me. Look at me. Acknowledge my existence at all, for that matter. I mean, I'm not a sensitive guy, but that really strikes a nerve; especially since I apologized and everything. Makes me want to grab him by the collar and just shake some sense into him. 

But I won't.

Because two can play at that game.     


Sirius inwardly frowned at the page; he hadn't meant to write all that- but whatever. It wasn't like anyone would ever be able to read it. 

Of course, he never did notice Rita Skeeter's shrewd gaze over her glassy spectacles.


The incense of wild herbs and spice lingered on the potions professor as he presented his handiwork to the mediwitch. 

"This is wonderful, Horace. I can't stress enough how generous your contributions have been," Madame Pomfrey said with a thankful, but slightly weary smile.

"Oh, no! The pleasure is all mine, Poppy. Anything for an old colleague," Professor Slughorn replied jovially. "And may I ask if the condition of your patient is improving? After all, it wouldn't do if my potions aren't top notch."

Madame Pomfrey let out a small sigh and attempted to brandish what could have been another reassuring smile. "Yes, her condition has been rapidly improving since we've started putting her on your medication program; the stuff they sell out in the magical pharmacies are all rubbish compared to what you can brew."

Professor Slughorn secretly beamed at the witch's words. He knew she was not one for dishing out empty compliments.

"I feel as though I did not properly earn your acknowledgement, but I will gratefully accept it." He paused. "I've heard some... rumors of your patient, Poppy. Is she..." he trailed off, his unsaid words implicating all the questions than he could not say aloud.

"Our answers will only come with time, Horace," Madame Pomfrey replied after a short pause. "Only with time."


Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry Hospital Wing


□ Sorted by patients w/most appearances

□ Sorted by patient's arrival (newest to oldest)

Sorted by patient's arrival (oldest to newest)

□ Sorted by age

Sorted by most gruesome injuries

□ Sorted by most stupid injuries

□ Sorted however damned way the record wants to sort it

DATE/TIME ADMITTED: 8/26/75, 2:16 AM





GENDER(s): Female

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE(s): Caucasian, red hair, green eyes, 5'3"

BLOOD STATUS(s):           

MAGICAL CORE(s):           


INJURY(s): Suffered from extreme blood loss/malnutrition. Was severely underweight. Fractured left wrist/right radius/left tibia. Several ribs broken, puncturing organs, causing extreme tearing to lungs. Deep bruises under skin leading to bursting blood vessels. Cuts varying from size/depth cover body. Fractured skull leading to coma.  

SPECIFICS/OTHER INFO: Ministry of Magic found patient after being alerted to a strong presence of magic in a prohibited area. Injuries are due to repeating bouts of strong uncontrolled accidental magic without proper supervision or healing afterwards. Currently no contact with blood relatives. 




© 2012 JunBeanii

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I need to write that description down everytime someone bothers me BAM! bother me one more time here are your consequences!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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gah! what happen to the little lady???? why did she have such a painful injury! gah! why isn't there a chapter 3????

Posted 9 Years Ago

Who is this mysterius girl? I can't wait to find out!

I liked this chapter.

It was very well written.


Posted 9 Years Ago

another marvolous chapter! are u gonna update this anytime soon?

Posted 9 Years Ago

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