Of all the things....

Of all the things....

A Poem by Face In A Crowd

Out of the fire,
The fights with friends,
I've lost so much,
But if I could have one thing back,
It would be you over all.
When the letter arrived,
That you had joined the military,
You sent it before you left,
You didn't even tell me before you left.
I didn't even get to say goodbye.
You promised you come back.
I would trade my house my cars,
The clothes from my closet,
My phone and my job,
I would give it all,
Just for you to call.
You leaving without a word,
I had seen you just the day before.
You smiled and hugged me.
Then went home and packed.
You mailed a letter.
That promised to come home.
But all I got was another letter.
Saying how you broke that promise.
How am I supposed to love and trust?
And live a normal life?
Well I can't.
All those perfect people
With perfect lives.

It's just not perfect.

© 2008 Face In A Crowd

Author's Note

Face In A Crowd
Okay I'm curious myself who it will turn out. Thanks for reading and be honest.

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I really enjoyed reading this poem, all those people with perfect lives well are definately "not perfect", I can tell you that I've seen so many people that want to act like everything's perfect in their family lives but they're just hiding the not so perfect truth (speaking from experiences)! How could one leave without telling the one they are supposed to love, I ask myself.... after reading this awesomely written peice of work!
Wonderful job....keep writing! (-:

Posted 16 Years Ago

Hmm...... Its good! I would give it an A-.. It just needs a little more flare do you know what I mean?

Posted 16 Years Ago

It's sad, someone leaving, especially going into the military and not telling you first. If the promise of comming back to you is taken back it makes it even worse. by the way, trust me when I tell you that there are very few people with "perfect" lives. Your format is alot better on this one, did you get the problem fixed? Keep working on your writing! ;)

Posted 16 Years Ago

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Face In A Crowd
Face In A Crowd

I guess I write many multiple stories. The story I'm writing now I had the idea for and shared with my friends. They wanted to be in it so I let them in! But I drifted away from the idea. But I guess .. more..