Breaking Piggy Banks

Breaking Piggy Banks

A Poem by Jordan Easley

I never thought being in love would hurt so bad.

I know i'm wrong
But I can't seem to leave you alone.
I can't seem to hit skip on this song.
And it seems we're a long way from home.
I know you're not the best for me.
Getting the answers to the test for me. 
Put your hands around my neck form me
But baby don't squeeze too hard.
This shouldn't be so hard.
I swear you keep me on my guard.
I'm trying to figure out how I can keep the blade
But ditch the scars.
Why don't we just turn out the lights
So we can see the stars?
Or you can see my heart.
If you look close enough
Get passed all these cover-ups
Or maybe we can just stay in bed and pull the covers up
And I can keep you warm.
Like, what's that song? By Mary Lambert and Macklemore?
Yeah, I guess that's too pop for you.
But I can still hit the spot for you.
Yeah you know I hit the spot for you
Let's hit the gym, I could spot for you.
Yeah, baby I have done a lot for you.
And i'll do more.
Oh you got shots? Let me pour.
Taking shots, but I can't seem to score
Unless it's you knocking on my door.
The bed's too soft so we use the floor.
You know I'm here for you.
I guess I didn't make that clear for you.
I'm willing to wait some years for you.
Yeah I'm willing to shed some tears for you.
So please don't ever disappear on me.
Can't you be a little sincere for me?
Can't you see that all this stress is wearing on me?
Still starting arguments over MP3's.
So how do you really feel?
Are we us? Is this really real?
'Cause you've been breaking piggy banks
Now let's see if they squeal.

© 2015 Jordan Easley

Author's Note

Jordan Easley
This started out as a poem, but I think it ended up as more of a song. I can definitely see this being set to music. I'm trying to make it flow a little smoother. Any suggestions?

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Added on March 31, 2015
Last Updated on April 2, 2015
Tags: love, teen, poem, song, project, heartbreak, romance, crush


Jordan Easley
Jordan Easley

San Antonio, TX

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