Chapter One: Before She Was Lost.

Chapter One: Before She Was Lost.

A Chapter by Janelle

Chapter One- Before she was lost.


Before Blake Kayson lost her soul, she had a good normal life. Then, one morning, she woke up and everything just blew out of her control. However, just before any of this can be explained, we must go back a few months before the accident.

8 months earlier.

Firstly, Blake Kayson was the average teenage girl that everyone expects. She couldn’t bother herself to keep her room immaculate, sometimes she gave her dog people food, and she regularly watched Cinderella even though she knew fairy-tales weren’t true.

At sixteen years old, Blake had developed a crush on Channing Tatum, and an attitude that had been named the “Blakemark”. It had simply been created because it was Blake’s trademark personality, one that she had perfected. She was a good person with a big heart, but she lived for sarcasm and was openly blunt. Blake’s parents were separated, which was the ultimate reasons why there was no such thing as true love either. John, her father, couldn’t live a life where he had “responsibilities”. Her mother Rose simply rolled her eyes at this declaration.

“The only way a man can live his life with no responsibilities is to be a bum” she stated with dignity that Blake truly admired. Since the young girl hadn’t seen her father in five years, she would not have been surprised to be informed that he was, in fact, a bum.

The only reason Blake was so indifferent to the idea of her father being a homeless man spending all his possible change on alcohol and drugs, was because she had not been alone when her dad had walked out the door. At eleven years old, Blake had been only a little confused and very, very hurt. She did however have a friend to help her through it.

Karly With-no-last-name was a Blake’s friend since they were five years old (naturally they were always the same age). The day Karly magically materialized was the day Blake’s little sister, Haven was born. At the time, Blake was infuriated. Blake was the baby, not Haven! Plus, why did she get a girl name while Blake was stuck with a boy one?

Ever since then, the girls had been best friends. Karly always knew what to say. When Blake was eleven, Haven was six. That was when their daddy went away. It was then that Blake decided to share Karly with her little sister. Really, it had been Karly’s idea. When Blake had begun to protest and remind her of the reason why Karly was there in the first place, her friend made a very good point. Yeah, maybe Haven was a girl name, but at least Blake wasn’t tacky as it didn’t rhyme with Kayson. Haven did.

So, for the years to come, Karly, Blake, and Haven would play together. However, the older Blake grew, the more Karly’s existence began to fade. Blake had learned from Karly how to take care of her sister and didn’t really need the help anymore.

Then, about a week after she turned seventeen, Blake met a boy. Her crush on Channing Tatum disappeared, and Karly ceased to exist.


Clark Jacobs was Blake’s world. They began a relationship that was ultimately perfect. When Blake wasn’t working at the library and Clark with his dad building houses, they spent every second they could together. With Clark, Blake discovered she had a thing for paranormal movies and her crush on, she always had room for more food, and if she was too tired to wear mascara, Clark still told her she was gorgeous. The best part though, was that now, she did believe in true love and maybe there was such thing as a fairy-tale.

When Blake thought she finally had everything under control, her whole world exploded and shattered her heart.


 Blake Kayson could tell the story in her sleep. She knew every detail from that night as though she were reliving its memories every day. It was 11:58. She was struggling to fall asleep because it was too damn hot in her bedroom. She could hear Rookie, the dog from across the street, barking so loud that she wanted to scream and swear at him to shut up. It was just Blake, her mother and Haven in the house when she got the call.

“Hello?” She asked in a groggy voice because she hadn’t spoken in a few hours. Also, she was a little bit nervous. Who calls anyone this late?

“Blake? It’s Lily, Clark’s mother”. Blake relaxed and a small smile brightened her features.

“I swear Mrs. Jacobs, Clark isn’t here tonight, for once” she smirked softly. Lily didn’t seem to get the joke.

“No you don’t understand. It’s Clark; there’s been a terrible accident”. Mrs. Jacobs proceeded to tell Blake how Clark had been turning a corner when a drunk driver swayed into his lane and caused a head on collision.

Blake felt paralysed. For a few minutes she could only sit in her bed, stuck as she let the news sink in. Then, she sprang into action.

Running to her mother’s room, Blake grabbed the keys and didn’t give a very good explanation. They told Haven to stay put, that they would call when they got there. Blake drove because if anyone else was driving, it would have felt like they weren’t going fast enough. Once they arrived, Blake sprinted to the emergency wing and busted through the doors. They were greeted by a sobbing Mrs. Jacobs. It seemed that Blake had misunderstood. There was nothing more the doctors could do for her beautiful boy. It was too late, her baby was gone.

This time, Blake was devastated beyond repair. She had no one to help her get through the pain, as she did when her father had deserted their family. She was, in the simplest of terms, lost. As much as Mrs. Kayson and Haven tried to help, it just wasn’t enough. Karly couldn’t even do or say anything this time because she was only a figment in Blake’s imagination. Blake didn’t want to pretend, she just wanted to be alone.

And so she was. Eight months later Blake had learned to live with the numbness and didn’t feel like letting anyone else in.

That is the beginning of Blake Kayson’s story. Don’t fool yourself like she did, there is no such things as fairy-tales, this is real life. Keep reading if you think you can take it. 

© 2012 Janelle

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Blake is a very relate-able character. She has very normal interests but isn't perfect. She's had her share of hardships, just like everyone else. I like where this is going in general, the idea of the book is like I said, very intriguing! Can't wait for more : )

Posted 8 Years Ago

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A Chapter by Janelle