To long for death

To long for death

A Poem by Just Shlomo

A poem that courts the idea of being ready to die, without seeking death.

Is it wrong to long for deaths sweet embrace?

Not to seek out those cold arms
Not to dance with the devil
Nor to court danger
Or hunt for trouble

But to long for the peace of life's last lonely breath

Life is bittersweet
Life is limited
Life is finite
Death is endless

Is it wrong to long for deaths sweet embrace?

When you do not search for your end
Is it still wrong?
When you do not try to bring that moment closer
Is it still wrong?

I am not afraid to die
I am ready

I am not anxious to die
I am just ready

I know that nothing happens in this world that is not part of G-d's plan

The moment that we are given life's sweet kiss
That moment where the sweet air of life's first breath
 passes through your lips
That moment
That moment you became you
The moment
When your soul entered your body

That was part of G-d's plan

The moment when we die
The moment that we let out our last breath
When our soul is at last allowed to return to its maker
That moment when we go see all our memories one last time

That too is part of G-d's plan

I know that I will die when it is my time

I do not race towards that day
But I am ready for when that day comes


I know

I know that when I die 
I will be reunited with my creator

I am able to accept my death because it is my fate to die

To fear something that is inevitable is to live a life in fear

I know that I will die on the day that I am meant to die

Until then I will live with the knowledge that my next moment might be my last
This is how I remind myself to enjoy every moment no mater how bitter sweet

I long for deaths sweet embrace

But I do not seek it either....

© 2014 Just Shlomo

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Added on May 29, 2014
Last Updated on May 29, 2014
Tags: Death, Life, Embrace, ready, anxious, moment, joy, acceptance, G-d, birth, fear, sweet