Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart

A Story by Justine

He'd known her for a while now, and could no longer deny to himself that he'd fallen for her. She wasn't the kind of girl he normally went for, frankly she was the opposite. She was the good girl. There was something in her that had caught his attention and now held his heart.

She was standing in the living room facing the back window, her arms crossed gently over her chest. She wore a simple black dress with thin straps and a sweet dip in the neck line. She seemed lost in thought as he came up from behind slipping his arms around her waist. She leaned back into him as her mind went over the night they'd just spent together, the spontaneity of it.
 She smiled softly to herself remembering it all as he softly brushed his lips over her shoulder kissing her skin gently.
"What are you smirking at?" his voice soft, and she could tell he was smiling.
"You, us, tonight." she replied running her fingers over his hands around her waist.
He kissed slowly along the ball of her shoulder, across it and planted light kisses up the side of her neck.

Her thoughts stopped at the light sensations he was sending through her, and turned to the thoughts of where the end of this night was going.
They hadn't been together yet, not that way. She hadn't been ready and wasn't sure she was now. But this was feeling good, gentle, her body was getting tempted and her heart was already there. Her mind was another matter, it was getting scared.
Was she ready now?
Were they ready?
Would this change it all between them, would the simple happiness get complicated?
Her thoughts were getting fuzzy as he nuzzled softly kissing deeper along her neck, she felt his fingers reach along her upper back gathering together her curls slipping them over her opposite shoulder as he kissed along the back of her shoulder toward the base of her neck, he suddenly stopped.

It then came crashing back into her memory, that he didn't know, she had forgotten; she had seen his, why hadn't she said anything then? 
She didn't move, trying not to think, she wanted to know his reaction first.
He knew her one way, he knew her as the way she came across, the sweet, gentle, playful good girl. It wasn't a false front, it was in fact who she was, but he hadn't seen her other side, the side of her that had allowed her this.
She felt his fingers gently run over it, sending warm nervous chills down her spine.
Why the thought that he would think any different of her crossed her mind she wasn't sure, but she knew it mattered, she knew she cared enough about him that it would matter. She closed her eyes, there was a pause in his movement and she braced herself.
In an instant warm relief flooded through her as she felt his lips against her skin, the lightest of kisses being placed in three spots on the base of her neck along the outline. His thumb brushed over it a last time before he kissed the inside of her neck and rested his chin on her shoulder.
"A daisy suits you well. Simple and sweet," he paused as he came around to stand in front of her,
"And if I recall correctly, your favorite flower." he smiled and it made her chuckle softly as she nodded wrapping her arms around his neck to keep from crying from relief.
"My baby's got ink."He chuckled softly at her; he could feel her body finally relax into him.
 "I knew there was something there, a piece of you I didn't know." he pulled away to look at her, and tucked a stray curl behind her ear.
"Baby, I want to know those pieces, I want them all. I want you to be able to be completely you with me."

He was standing before her; he was holding her, someone who wanted her, all of her, someone who loved her, at last.  She was ready.

© 2008 Justine

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