The Superpower

The Superpower

A Story by Justin

This is one of the many superpowers that i have


          When i was 20, I found out that I had aspergers. I knew i was always different.  I went with my parents to a psychologist, he was asking me all these random questions. He told me that I had aspergers, which is a form of autism.

          I have trouble with social things. Like when knowing if someone is bored with the certain subject which is being. I get upset if someone doesn't message me back bc i think they are ignoring me or just don't want to talk. I also have a bad habit of sending lots of messages. There is so many different social things. I am working on them. I would rather message then talk on the phone.

          I also have meltdowns. They can happen at anytime. They are hard to describe but once I have one, it might be a few minutes before i calm down. Once it is over with, i fell like i have ran a relay. I am so tired from them.

           There is a lot of things that come with having aspergers. Both positive and negative. I am doing the best I can on all of the negatives but sometimes u cant fix all the negatives but at least try.

          My ex had no idea to help me at all and didn't even try to help. I am lucky to have family and friends who are family too me who support me. 

          Having aspergers has its negatives but there is a lot of positives.

               Thanks for listening!!!

© 2018 Justin

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Poets must write. It is the same as breathing air, essential. Poetry should be real life, honest and something you can be proud of always write for you. Your story comes from a truly raw place of struggle and the understanding that comes with it. In those basic terms (not to take away from your aspergers) we are all struggling, you are not alone. In every way this short story is revealing, as you have drawn back the curtain and given us a view into the window that is you. Each piece you write will always be the window, a view into a journey that is yours. Your story is unique, embrace it, write about it and don't hold back. Each struggle that you endure, give it words. Keep it real and let it rip.

Sheer Terror

Posted 3 Years Ago

This is very powerful. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life, story and superpower.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Your welcome thanks for reading it 😃
You are honest with the reader and I like that. It's not easy to admit certain aspects of our personality that may actually be a part of a medical condition which you describe. It sounds as if you have many struggles but many attributes to help offset some of the struggles. Having a supportive family and friends to support you is a great gift!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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A Poem by Justin


A Poem by Justin