Country Love

Country Love

A Story by Justin

This is about a girl from the city who decides to move to country, but ends up finding the love of her life and that there is more to life then the big city lights.


    Erika decided one day to pack up everything and leave her life in the city for something. She had a perfect job making 6 figures working for a fashion company. Erika had a fancy apartment, friends, and everything that comes with the big city life, but she felt like something was missing. She felt empty inside.

One day, she told her boss and friends that she was going to move to the country for a new beginning. They all laughed at her saying that she wont make it a week living in the country without all the big city lights and everything. Erika was determined to show them up.

     Erika packed up everything and moved to the country side. She found a local estate agent named Angela to help her find a house. Angela said," There is some fix uppers that I can show you." Erika replied back, "Awesome, I have always wanted to take a house and fix it up the way I want to. With living in the city everything is already set up for you." They looked at around 10 or so house till they found one that Erika really liked. It was 4 bedroom house with a huge front and back yard. It sat on 20 acers of land. Erika knew in her mind that the skills that she had gained working in the fashion world would help her with her vision of what it wanted the house to look like.

     The next thing was for her to get a job. Luckily, she was able to get a job as a secretary for a local furniture store which paid really great and also have benefits with it. Plus working at the furniture store gave her ideas for the type of appliances and furniture that she wanted in her house.

      Once she moved into her house and started working, Erika started planning out how she wanted to her house to look like. She asked the local town people for places where she could get materials for the vision that she had for her house. Even it is used stuff Erika thought to herself, she could transform the used stuff to something awesome.

      One day, she got off work and headed to the local hardware store to get some materials for her house, she spotted a guy named Logan. Erika said to herself," He is kinda of cutie. You can tell works on the farm." Logan was a local kid, who always worked on farms all this life. He was well liked by everyone in the town. Erika asked the cashier what she knew about him. The cashier replied back," He is extremely good boy. Logan is extremely hard worker too." Erika walked to Logan and said," I am Erika." He replied back," I am Logan, nice too meet you." She said," Same to you." Logan asked her what she was doing with all the material she was buying. She said," I moved here from the city and bought a house. I am using this material to fix up it up." He said," If you need any help, I will be help." They exchanged numbers.

     When Erika got home, she said to her," I think I am in love." Erika sent Logan a text that evening asking if he was doing anything the next day. He replied back," I am free." She replied back to him," Do you want to come over and hang out." Logan replied back," Yea. I will pick up a pizza and some beer on my way over." Erika replied back," Awesome, I will provided the plates and napkins. See you tomorrow night." He replied back," See you tomorrow evening.

      The next evening, Logan came over. Erika said," Thanks for coming over and hanging out. I don't know many people, still getting use to this life style a lot different from the city life." Logan said," Your welcome anytime. I bet it is different from the big city lights, but living this life style makes you be thankful for the small things in life." They ate pizza, drank beer, and talked all night.

      The next morning, they got up and ate some breakfast. They talked a little more. Logan says, "I have to get going. Got some stuff around the farm that has to get done. Thanks for having me over. I had a blast." Erika said," Your welcome. I had a lot of fun too. We will have to do this again."

      The next few weeks, they kept on texting each other. Finally, Logan got the nerve to ask Erika to be his girlfriend. She said," Yes, I love to be your girlfriend and maybe future wife." They were excited that they were officially together.

      Within in a year, they were living together in her house. They had their difficult times but they stuck together. Erika said to herself," I aint ever going back to the city life. This is where I belong."

© 2018 Justin

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It's the clean air! I really enjoyed your story. Could easily build a book from it. Let me know if you need any help.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I enjoyed this story. I love the country and hope to live there one day. I also liked watching Erika become used to her new lifestyle and new relationships.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

thanks :) :) sometimes u need a new lifestyle to be happy
I love the message. You can be rich and "successful" and live an easy life, but none of that matters if you aren't happy. It was fun seeing Erika grow into her new life and find happiness.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

thanks Hannah :) :) i also wrote a new poem called the clouds :) u might like

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