Losers Mentality

Losers Mentality

A Poem by K.C. Zbryk

snowy thoughts on a hazy drive to work. enjoy.


The specks of falling snow

Seem to leave a film on my windshield

As they melt and are smeared away

By the sporadic movement of the wipers


Sometimes it feels like the radio

Can predict the oncoming events of the evening

All you have to do is listen

A lot of things work that way

But the music, it seems to follow the

Oncoming unnoticed emotions


And this evening the songs are mellow

Simple and calming

The streets are vacant and silent

Allowing me to sneak a smoke as I smoke

My cigarette just enjoying the surroundings


It’s a gambling mentality, I suppose,

You just have to pick how your mind is running

As you wander in the door


As I pull into a closing gas station

I decided that I was going to have to work

That it was going to be the night from hell

Because all the signs said otherwise

Because I love being wrong

Better than walking in all relaxed

And thinking everything is going to be fine

Just to be wrong anyway…


I think it’s all about how you want to lose.


01:03 am

© 2013 K.C. Zbryk

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Music can be such a powerful manipulater of our emotions. I like how you brought that to the fore in the beginning. If honest with ourselves, sometimes our actions motivated by lyrics and rhythms we have fed our subconscious. So I guess, sometimes music can predict "oncoming events".

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Very interesting choice of words. Very interesting imagery. I found my cause recently and I feel I'll either keep trying till I win or die trying. And, for me that's a winning thought. I know what to do. Till some time back, I was clueless. :P

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on April 17, 2013
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K.C. Zbryk
K.C. Zbryk

that one with the lights, and buildings too!, CO

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