A Poem by K.C. Zbryk

its the details...


So there’s multiple kinds of knocks

Some people even develop a specific kind of knock

To define themselves, like a ringtone or something

But I’m talking about this generic professional sort of knock


You become acquainted with these

After living in an apartment complex

The cop knock and the dealer knock


It seems like you listen for both of these

Normally while waiting for the dealer knock

And my guy he always told you

“I’ll be there in a minute.”

But you soon realized

That his minute was an hour or longer

And don’t expect an update


And in apartments you hear everything that goes on

From the kid learning to play bass two floors down

To the couple fighting upstairs

And the meth heads cackling and screeching

Out in the parking lot

And at least once a week

The dreaded cop knock


There are two kinds of cop knock

One is high up in the center of the door

Usually using the butt of the flashlight

Or the just the meat of the palm

Just beneath the pinky finger

Or they just kick the bottom of the door

A couple of times

While announcing their presence

With the command, “Open up!”


If the suns up then it’s usually a warrant

Or a domestic, or an eviction, or drug use

If the suns down it’s usually a domestic

Or drug use or noise disturbance

And if you hit the jackpot it’s all the above

But they really only have two kinds of knocks

And you never wanted to hear either of them

When you were waiting for the dealer knock


Because even if they weren’t there for you

They still were like kryptonite

To the honest hard working

Drug pushers of the small town

I mean it could make the dealers minute

Turn into a dealers hour

Which is like a week in real time

And like a month when you don’t have anything


But when you hit one of those nights

When the cops don’t bother to visit your

Section of the apartments

And the dealer finds his way to your door

You have to listen

Because the dealer

He won’t cop knock


It’s like he’s afraid of hurting the door

Just barely brushing his knuckles against the door

Barely making a sound at all

But after a while

You can hear that knock over anything

Turn the TV up, blast the music

Smoke till you cough up a lung

You’ll hear the knock

Because you know what to listen for


And now that I think about it

It’s kind of funny how the two

Lead into each other


0658 am

© 2013 K.C. Zbryk

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I have a variety of knocks too.... The Bathroom knock...BANG! BANG!' Hurry up I need a pee" knock. Then there's the sibling sister bedroom door knock... frantically turning the the door handle..."I know your in there...give me back my shoes" knock. Then there's the ". Then there's the TAP TAP ... postman delivering a parcel knock. Haven't personally experienced a "Cop Knock or a dealer knock"... and from the sounds of it.... they sound pretty scary...aargh!
Great read :O)

This was an intriguing write KCZ

Posted 7 Years Ago

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A very insightful read! It's different in every country. For instance, here doorbells that are liberally used by visitors. Some people define their style by defining the number of times they ring it. Most people don't.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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K.C. Zbryk
K.C. Zbryk

that one with the lights, and buildings too!, CO

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