A Poem by K.C. Zbryk

My feelings... Oh how they tickle!


Announcement to all:

We have developed a system to squelch creativity!

DO YOU dream in nightmares, and dictate them

On a regular basis?

Then you are not welcome here

Do you illustrate the things that make people squirm?

Don’t bother to place anything here

The Gestapo has arrived

The vile and lurid illustrations that are intended to offend have no place

In this little cotton ball universe


Because no one here

Can handle the responsibility behind the thought

“I don’t like this

So I won’t read this..”

We want you to understand that we love your imagination

And we want you to create

That which is not an affront to the emotions of the others

Whatever you were trying to capture

Be it metaphorical, alliteration, or comparison

Must contain only the brightest colors

The biggest smiles

And the cover to the Saturday Evening Post

Because f**k the offensive

It hurts my fragile little world


Catharsis can have no place in the online creative society

And we must remain blind to the sick things that are ever present here

That’s right!

This is an idealistic realm free of drug references

(Though all writing must have the cottony affect of a god shot of H)

Free of nudity

And free of the ultra violence!


Don’t worry we will protect your fragile little brains

From any and all of these horrid images words and illustrations

Because it is our responsibility to take all control from the artist.


After all

Who can create in the midst of adversity?

And how can any kind of writing bring about change?

No one will know because we delete it!



Some a*****e…



0420 am

© 2013 K.C. Zbryk

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Hahahaha! The last line is all wrong and making me laugh because I expected:

Some sensible soul...

But the rest of this piece is absolutely brilliant! I think that people have to be allowed to write. The funny thing, however, is also that those of us who are protesting are actually the ones who don't write about nudity and gruesome violence. The people who write about nudity and gruesome violence are silent. Thank you for raising your voice for this cause. I wish you would post this on the forum. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with you.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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K.C. Zbryk
K.C. Zbryk

that one with the lights, and buildings too!, CO

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