"Dreaming Out Loud"

"Dreaming Out Loud"

A Poem by KalebG (Cry Faux)

'Within you I lose myself. Without you I find myself wanting to become lost again"


“Dreaming Out loud”

By: Kaleb G.Berry

                I am here sitting in the grass with my head against the ground, looking at the clouds that distorts the sky as time passes by.

A sigh came from my voice, like if I where remembering something or someone.

Instantly I sat up, to catch my thoughts, trying to figure out my own personality.

Pulling out my black leather wallet, I opened it, looking at the money I have.

Viewing a one, five, and a ten dollar bill, I was jinxing the fact that I was broke.

I checked my reward cards in the dense slots and, crossing over to the next, a picture past my eye.

I looked straight in to the bright photo, acting like I had poor eye sight.

I saw me, holding a girl smiling while the same actions are happing to me. Her with both arms around me, putting on a face I never seen her do in a long time.

I did not want to believe that it was me that held this gorgeous female by her waist; only to question why did place the picture, something remarkable like this, in to my wallet.

Closing my eyes and immediately I remembered, everything we done and said to each other.

My heart knew her name, because I am the one who placed her there.

I laughed in tears, knowing that I missed her so many days and nights; always saying I will never forget her.

Thinking on how I even managed to love her, almost more than my own being. 

Resting my eyes once more I, made my memories like a dream and clearly I was seeing, each year, day and, hour I imaged about her; or experience with her.

Instantly I felt calm and secure.  All my mind could do is be relaxed, from trepidation, resentment, and soreness, whatever it was that shattered my heart.

When I first really met her for the first time, I still had heart of black ice sheering over my body.

Being told that if I was something else, people would like me. Completely over whelmed by that mind set, I began trying to be like everyone else.

The hardship of this task was so difficult, seeming like I had a mask of somebody else’s face that took hold of my own. Held down by this effect made my nightmares come true. 

People still did not like me, and I was considered annoying and a joke. Each insult I thought shorten my life, or made me lose my brain cells like a plain cigarette.

Anger took over as I began tenth grade that year, becoming labeled as “Not to be bothered” ; holding all in all this rage inside I had became a silent person.  

The first day isolating myself from the people who thought believed in you the most, and there in a class where arithmetic was taught, I sat next to a person, who happened to save my mind and life from being corrupted.

Being herself she took her curiosity and made it into words that people would not read.  Lifting my head, I notice she was talking to a being like me, and without having the strength to look up, I replied with words of doubt.

She picked up her own sword and fought through my heart, looking for a reason why this storm eradicated my soul.

Soon after she killed the last beast, and she won.

Bleeding inside from cuts she made, all I needed then was healing.

I disarmed my anger and was forced to look into the eyes of the girl.

After that day, I held the words spoken from to heart, and began to change from the inside.

Everyday her advice led me to my own self, and in next to no time I did not care what anyone thought.

Whatever she thought about me, all I cared for.

I never surround myself with empty people, only with people who have enough heart to stand up to the fiercest fires.

Becoming friends and close I shared everything to her and all she did was listen even if it was random theory.

The chain of memory broke and I stumbled upon the place I still lay upon; a hill with firm grass. I opened my eyes and four tears broke out from the daydream. Peace, joy, life and most of all love.  

 I gave attention to the photo once more and put it back in the case of my wallet; placing the wallet in my back pocket.

Knowing I will see her again, in a few days makes me miss her like she where gone for a year.

Significant that everything would be ok, I went to sleep with a smile no one can take from me.  

“Love is only a straight line of hope, go through it without fear”

© 2010 KalebG (Cry Faux)

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Wow! I am impressed here. This is one amazing story. You write very well. I like the detail and imagery. A write very well written!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

A very good story. I like the internal conversation. You create a strong character with a good story. A girl, fighting beast and able to look back and smile. I like the ending. A excellent story. Thank you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very beautiful and so descriptive I LOVE IT! Nice job your writing is improve so fast! Dreaming is something we all have and something sometimes we all need. When our dreams are crushed we shouldn't give up! Nice job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on August 31, 2010
Last Updated on August 31, 2010


KalebG (Cry Faux)
KalebG (Cry Faux)

Kansas City, KS

I am a teen writer, and college student, who passion is to tell my life through imagination. hoping to become a Game Designer, working with sqaure enix. I create these poems, when i need to c.. more..


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