Off to a Shaky Start

Off to a Shaky Start

A Chapter by Kara Jade

1. Off to a Shaky Start

Running for your life isn't what someone would picture as a normal seventeen year old with a long and happy life before them but this girl wasn't normal she had so much more to give to this world than anyone else. Her name is Kali Ki and she had no idea where she was running but she ran fast as she could. All she could remember was waking up, laying on the ground and getting up and running in pure fright.

She kept running until small clearing she saw a house. She walked up to the large two story house trying to figure out who lives there. She saw no one and walked through the door. As she walked in a small black ball of fur jumped onto her. She pulled it away from her face and examined it and to her surprise it was a wolf pup, she looked into his eyes and a wave of familiarity rushed through her body. She saw the pure white star on his forehead has if someone dyed his fur. Kali looked at him curiously and asked, “Perses?” The wolf licked her face playfully but after a minute stopped and tilted his head slightly, wondering what could possibly be wrong.

Kali stood up and walked up the stairs and into the first room on the right she gasped when she saw it. The room was lit in an extraordinary way, there was two separate lights in two different corners of the room, one was a sun the other a moon. She looked at the ceiling and saw that it looked like it was moving stars twinkling and large fluffy clouds slowly moving by. She watched as the light from the sun completely turn itself off and the moon get brighter.

She walked over to a desk and found at a notebook sitting on the desk. She opened it as she sat down and saw something she would've never believed. The cover page said “The Last Shapeshifter” she almost dropped the notebook as she flipped through it. All it had was pictures of her and different things. One had a picture of her wearing a short green and light blue dress and below it a black cat with silver boots a long with silver ear tips and tail. She flipped the page again and saw a picture of her in a black and red dress and below it a large obsidian dragon with silver claws.

Kali closed the notebook and went over to the bed. She pulled back the navy comforter and lied down, pulling the comforted back up. Perses jumped onto the bed and nudged Kali until she put her arm around him and slowly Kali drifted off to sleep while Perses lied with her tensely, wanting so badly for this to be a nightmare, she couldn't have forgotten, could she have?

Kali woke up to the sound of an alarm clock and she stumbled out of bed, her entire body aching. She looked at Perses, “school?” she asked him. Perses tilted his head slightly. She got down on her knees and pet him, “Let me guess.. Theos Academy?” The little wolf nudged her softly as a yes. She got dressed in black shorts, a white tank top and a black blazer with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows.

She ran downstairs and quickly went to the kitchen. She pulled out a glass and drank some water. Perses got into Kali's backpack as Kali walked over to pick it up. She rolled her eyes and put it on her back as she walked out the door, locking it as she left. She began running in the direction of the school when a cloud of what looked like black smoked engulfed her, emerging from the cloud was a large black wolf with silver feet and silver ear tips and tail tip. She noticed the transformation but didn't slow in fear of being late. As she reached the edge of the forest and saw the school she stopped and another cloud of smoke surrounded her and she emerged in a human form.

Perses stuck his head out from Kali's backpack and looked at her, “I remember what I am and my classes and such but I can't remember who my family is or what happened. I don't even know where I came from. Well, I guess I should go in. Hide yourself well, Perses,” she told the little wolf as she walked towards the school.

Kali walked into her History class and sat down in the normal seat, the far back right as she saw familiar faces walk in and take their seats. Then, two unfamiliar faces walked in, one boy, and one girl. The girl sat in front of Kali and the boy next to her. The girl turned around to Kali and smiled sweetly, “Hi I'm Creide and this is my brother Arawn,” she introduced herself and motioned to her brother as she introduced him after herself. “You smell like a wolf. Are you hiding something?” he scoffed. Creide punched him and snarled, “Be nice!” as the teacher turned to the class. “I'm Kali,” she replied, her voice was absolutely beautiful and godly, “I'm not hiding anything and I'd appreciate it if you would allow me to listen. I need to hear the homework assignment.”

“Good morning everyone and welcome to Demonic History! We have two new classmates and because I'm feeling very generous so I will not embarrass them too much. They're twins and they're names are Arawn and Creide Eostrelugh. Anyway, we'll be discussing the rarest demon of all the Shapeshifter Demon. There is only one left in existence and many people have forgotten about this rare breed. Open your books to page one hundred thirteen and read chapter six. Tonight I want all of you to write a one page essay on why this demon is so important, what accomplishments have they made, what are their powers? You see, the one left is more than just a shapeshifter but she is actually the the goddess of the earth, and even destruction,” the teacher explained as books began to hand themselves out to each student. “Please read chapter one in this book. It is about the line of shape shifting demons. They're are usually two at any given point and this book will explain why there is only one. I'd like you to write a one page essay on chapter one from this book as well,” the bell rang immediately as the teacher stopped speaking. “Don't forget to do your homework tonight, you all should know the punishment!” he called out as the students filed out.

Kali walked to her locker and opened it as she put the books in her locker Creide walked over to her and stood next to her, Arawn leaned against the locker on the opposite side of his sister. “So, what do you have next Kali?” Creide asked her excitedly. “Kali looked at her and smiled nicely even though she wanted to be rude to keep Creide and Arawn away. “Actually, I have calculus then I can go home. I take most classes at home that way I don't have to stay here and socialize with other people. Keep in mind this is a school for demons, vampires, werewolves, every mythical creature you can think of. Look over there, there's a fairy flying by, I prefer to keep myself separate. I'm more of a loner than anything else,” she told Creide as Arawn eyed her suspiciously. “You're so different. What are you?” Arawn asked her curiously as he pulled out a fiery knife with a black handle. “I hope you aren't trying to intimidate me,” she snarled at Arawn as she slammed her locker shut. “I'm a demon which is why I'm taking demonic history, and seeing as you're taking it too then you are a demon as well. It is required to take the history of your ancestors to graduate. As to what breed I am is none of your concern so why don't you go crawl back into the hole you came from you little wolf demon.”

“ how did you know?” Arawn looked at her absolutely stunned. “Maybe you should take an identification class too,” Kali grunted. Creide's mouth was still open as Kali looked at her. She quickly closed it and stammered, “no.. no one has ever spoken to Arawn like that before.. I'm curious as to what kind of demon you are because you're so fearless but I won't ask you, I see you'd like some space. I'll see you tomorrow.”

Arawn and Creide walked off to class silently and Kali silently went upstairs to her calculus class. She sat down in the back and listened to the teacher ramble on as she did her homework during class quickly. She stood up right as the bell rang and walked downstairs to her locker. She grabbed her Demonic history books and put her calculus binder and textbook back in her locker. As she closed it she saw Creide. “Can I help you with something?” Kali asked Creide. “Oh. Well. Actually. Erm.. Never mind,” she said before running off and joining Arawn. Her brother looked at her and elbowed her, “scared of her are you?” he asked. “No, I just don't want to mention that and have my head bitten off like you did!” Creide argued. “Okay, okay, we'll figure it out another day, Creide. Calm down,” he laughed. They walked out of the school together and got onto a motorcycle, Arawn in front.

Kali ran to the edge of the forest and turned into a wolf a second before she was hidden by the trees and ran home. Arawn was putting his helmet on as this had happened and his eyes widened, “impossible” he said as he revved the engined. “What?” Creide asked curiously tilting her head slightly. “Oh, nothing. Let's go home,” he told Creide as he pulled out of the school. Creide let it go and was eager to return home.

As soon as Kali returned home she put her backpack down by the door and she her clothes changed into a dark green dress with light green sneakers. She brushed the leaves from her headband out of her shocking green eyes. She sighed as she sat down by the door of the house. Perses crawled out of her backpack and onto her lap and they sat still until the sun went down.

Yet again Kali's clothes began to change this time, into a red bodice and a black lace skirt. Her shoes were red stilettos. She unlocked the door and went inside, then climbed up the stairs to her room. She slipped off her shoes and sat down on her bed, pulling out her Demonic History books and began reading. Chapter six in her old textbook covered the basics, the powers of the shapeshifers, the accomplishments, everything you would expect to be in a boring school textbook. After finishing her first essay she put her textbook on her black nightstand and her essay on top. Before beginning her second essay.

Kali shuffled through the pages quickly, her eyes scanning the pages throughly. She read many things that frustrated her but she ignored them as she wrote her essay. She wrapped everything up quickly and placed the book and essay on top of the others on her nightstand. She lied down on top of her bed, not bothering to pull the covers back. Perses crawled over to Kali and lied down next to her and they both drifted to sleep to the sound of the wind whispering it's tales.

In Kali's dream she relived that night vividly, the night she found herself running. She woke up, lying on the ground every inch of her body aching. She slowly sat up and looked around as she rubbed her head, realizing that she had no idea was she was she stood up and looked around for any piece of information. She looked up a tree and saw that there was blood dripping from it and she heard a loud roar in the distance, out of fear she ran. She ran until she couldn't run any longer, causing herself to trip and fall. She slowly picked herself up and kept running only slowing when she came to the edge of a clearing everything before her eyes faded to black as she opened her eyes and woke up to her familiar room with Perses looking at her with sadness in his eyes. Kali kissed the star on his forehead and sighed, “It'll be fine,” she whispered. She looked out the window near her bed, waiting until seven to get ready to repeat the day.

© 2010 Kara Jade

Author's Note

Kara Jade
Here's the first chapter. Please write a review in feedback. This is really to see if it is worth writing. Do you(the reviewers) think that I should continue this book or scrap it? Critique is accepted as well but please tell me what you think! Thanks in advance! :)

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Hi! Well I'm going to tell you maybe you can separate the paragraph it would be better to follow and when someone talk do another paragraph so reader now who is talking. I have to say is a good start!

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