A Poem by Kulvelee Sukiam

She told me she was fine

With a faint smile on her face,

But her eyes twinkled in despair

I could hear it in her soft voice; a broken record.

Her smile whispered the truth,

She was ready for the Devil to devour her whole

Sinking in a pool of her own blood.

I wanted to yank her free from the Devil's grasp

Scrape away the darkness biting off her skin,

And plant a flower inside her mind.

But she would only remind me

That flowers wilt when there's no sun in the sky.

She told me,

Her light was fading.

And I,

Am weak.

At midnight, I'd listen to melodies with ghosts of the past

As they'd pour intoxication down into my body

To hear my heart scream out poems of grief and tragedy.

And they'd laugh,

At my stupidity and misery..

I would ask them,

"How do I cure a young woman's heart from a world full of





And selfishness?"

In my eyes, she's as delicate as a dandelion

As fragile as porcelain

Whose heart could be made of chocolate 

Because in the heat of pressure 

She melts so easily 

And dissolves into the pavement of lost hope.

How can I save her when 

I am weak,

A wounded soldier fighting against his own demons. 


In the mornings, I craved for her faint smile

I craved to listen to her broken voice 

To gaze into her pitiful eyes

To caress the wounds on her skin

To see the tears dance away from her cheeks.

I yearned to lean close to her

To feel the heat of her body 

And count her heart beats as she breaths.

At midnight, we'd scream out poems about grief and tragedy

Where the night sky hung like beautiful curtains
And the stars became our audience.

© 2015 Kulvelee Sukiam

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Added on July 14, 2015
Last Updated on October 5, 2015
Tags: dandelions, sadness, tragedy