Too Close

Too Close

A Poem by KWP

space between us 

became less 

as you unfurled in my reality 

and I unveiled myself in yours 

magnetised by moments shared 

separation became a tedious task of 

passing moments without you 

time spent best was together 


the rapidity in falling 

deep, so deep within all of you 

was not noticed as together we spiralled 

into our very own slipstream 

nothing was impossible 

when we were together

was it too fast?

we didn’t notice the crack

you screamed as your large hand 

wrapped my neck 

pinning me to the wall 

wet eyes

breath lost 

you crushed at my throat

the same passion you once converted into love 

now beat me silently through your psychotic eyes

you raised a hand 

in a fist of fury 

I resigned to my fate 

did you read something in my eyes 

when you allowed the moment to pass?

fist dropped in defeat 

you step away 

I love you 

you don’t scare me 

I love you

too close to the edge 

we almost toppled 


please can I have some more

I never wanted to 

step back and breathe

© 2018 KWP

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I liked the movement of thoughts. Honest emotions expressed and I liked the ending. Thank you dear poet for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 10 Months Ago

This is such a realistic rendition of co-dependence, I shudder while reading it. I did this slide many times, where I fell into foolishly wildly irresistible infatuation that blinded me to the obvious signs that this person was over-controlling me & would soon turn on me. It's painful to look back & remember how many times it took before I recognized this pattern & avoided it. But it was still tempting for a long time after I learned to resist it. You've got all that entanglement & contrasting push/pull tension thru-out your depiction of how such situations can go (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Years Ago

Your words mesmerized me into thinking of the joy ride of falling in love. The violence was abrupt and unexpected. The ending was sad and scary. If you wanted shock value, you certainly created it. Your poem was well written and showed a different angle to put into perspective.
Richie b.

Posted 2 Years Ago

well done my dear! i was so enjoying just the idea of together, together creating and riding their own slipstream .... makes me dizzy baby! ;) so I was agasp at the vivid turn and struck numb at the closing ... this is scary scary! it happens ... all the time round the globe ... in so many forms ... a psychotic cycle of abuse and sexual addictions ... sheesh girl! i never knew you did i ;)))))) can't help but wonder just where this exploration will lead us .. right here at the Cafe' ... well done KWP ... such power and story told so compactly ...

Posted 2 Years Ago

love lost is a sad thing to go through,you painted it well

Posted 2 Years Ago

Is it at the edge when we think we live the most? When we know we live the most? Edges are terrifying for a reason. Those who love to live there rarely come back to the center. Though the center is a place only for surviving... no living happens there.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This is surely different, sounds like bondage and extreme kinky sexual turn-ons. To the point of suffocation and death. I guess that is why some crazy folk are into. Going beyond the limits.

Posted 2 Years Ago

I'm not sure if I should give you self defense tips or BDSM tips or maybe just plain old relationship advice or if you're hitting on me because you some how found out that I'm kind of a sexual deviant.

That's objectively awesome. I'm gonna have to try writing something like that... but I'm not sure if I should feel bad about it.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

I think that’s the idea of a writer - to write through an explore yeah?

You can ha.. read more

2 Years Ago

If your only aspiration in life is to be 'happy' you'd better be wealthy. My only aspiration has al.. read more

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