The Story about A Boy Who Woke Up To Be A Creeper! (A minecraft story)

The Story about A Boy Who Woke Up To Be A Creeper! (A minecraft story)

A Story by K_Reader

      The Story about A Boy Who Woke Up To Be A Creeper! A minecraft story

Once upon a time at 6:30 AM on a Saturday there was a boy on a computer. He was playing Minecraft . It was still dark outside, but the moon was setting. The boy’s name was Chuck, and Chuck was playing hardcore mode on his world.

          He just finished making his mansion(in the virtual world) , when a creeper came up behind him and blew him to bits. ”aaaaaaaaaaahhhhggg!!” he yelled while pounding his keyboard. “I hate creepers!!”  He just stopped to make sure he didn’t wake anyone. He shut off the computer then laid on his bed in frustration. “I would like to kill every single creeper in with a radius of 500 chunks, no 5000 chunks!!”

           He laid on his bed thinking of all the worst possible ways he could kill the creepers to make them pay. “I could put them on fire with a cactus no I will put them on fire put them near a cactus, drown them, hit them , poison them, put the wither effect on them, all at the same time!” He said with a evil grin. ”it’s brilliant, brilliant, genius I say!” ”ha ha, ha ha ha ha!”

          “That is one evil boy’’ the narrator said.”  We should teach him a lesson.”  evil grin.






Chapter 1: the day before he woke up to be a creeper 

          It was a Monday morning and Chuck was doing his homework. He was homeschooled; he just finished his math and started on reading. He was reading War and peace put he couldn’t focus on it because he was too busy thinking of ways to kill all of the creepers.

           He finished his reading and got done with his homework; he got something to eat and started off to his computer. He turned it on, logged in and started to build a contraption with a lot of Redstone, pistons, dispensers and pressure plates.

          Once the contraption was done he flipped a switch and watched. The contraption spawned in creepers and the creeper was hit with cacti, poison, fire, potion of harming, cats, and the wither effect.

          “Too bad I can’t drown you all at the same time.” Chuck said. “well time to do something ells.” He logged off his server and went on someone ells server. The server had PVP, spleefing, free build, and some parkouring. He went on the server for a while and he looked out the window, it was getting dark and turned off the computer and went to bed.

          “Ho those poor creepers, what can we do to help them.” A girlish voice said.

          “Don’t worry Abby we’ll get him.” The narrator said. ”we’ll get him.”


(Sorry for the short chapters so far, it just works better)

Chapter 2: the strange day

          Chuck woke up and looked around and saw sum familiar things. He realized that he was looking at wooden planks and wood blocks; he looked behind him and saw a blocky bed with a red blanket and with a white pillow. Then he looked at himself and saw that he was green and had no arms.

          Chuck gasped. “He’s going to be so freaked out.” The narrator said

          “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” Chuck yelled.

          “Told ya.”

          “This is so cool!” chuck said


          “Wow, he must really like minecraft.” The girlish voice said.

          “Oh you be quiet.”

          Chuck went outside and said “I can blow up at any second.”…………” Awesome!!!”

          “That boy has some problems.” The Narrator said

          ‘’I wonder how I can blow up?” chuck said “grrrrrrrrrrr, nope that didn’t work.”

          “maybe I need to be scared or frighten.” Chuck walked around and found a cliff. Then he jumped off of it. ”Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” he said while falling down to his doom. He slammed on the ground and despawned. Then he respawned on the bed that he woke up from it and got out and did it over again.

          “That guy is a nut job.” The narrator said

          “Takes one to know one.” She said

          “How about you go and tell him why he’s here.”

          “What, why?”

          “Because to make the story more interesting.” He said

          “Well the real reason that he’s here is that you’re trying to make a popular story that will go to New York Times and maybe it will be an animation or a move that every minecrafter will love.” She said

          “Wait, don’t tell the reader about my plan.” The narrator said “Just go down there and tell him about why he’s here, and not the reason you just said.”

          “Ok, fine.”

Chuck was heading to the cliff when he saw an angel come down from the sky.

          “Who are you?” chuck said

          “I’m the one who put you here.” She said

          “Ok…then why am I here?” he said

          “To teach you a lesson, so I turned you into a creeper.”

          “Oh is that what I am?” he said sarcastically

          “Well of course you-, hay you said that sarcastically!”

          “What how did you know?” he said it sarcastically again.

          “Because the book said that you said that sarcastically.”

          “Wait what? I’m in a book?” Chuck said.

          “Well of course you’re in a book, what do you think I’d put you in, a video game!” she said

          “Well ya,- never mine.” Chuck said 

© 2014 K_Reader

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It has a good story line. It's very dreamy, meaning anything can happen because there isn't an exact science to it. Weather that is good or bad we wont know till you're done writing it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

sorry its a short i'm still working on it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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sandy , UT

I like to play video games and im a good reader. My faverorite series is Michael vey and one of my favorite bookes is trumpet and the swan more..