Little Fire

Little Fire

A Poem by Channing S.

Oh so you were born without a blessing 
Given name of little fire 
How many dreams were snuffed out dashed away 
Your mother really loved you, 
And I myself your brother love you
Father provided for you... 
Things look bleak I must say

You must tell me now 
Are you really happy here? 
How long then can you stay?
Mother waits by heavens gates 
Father has gone away (again) 
Maybe with some time he'll come back to see us

I truly do care for you 
So I sit by your side 
Scolding at the red knife
That's taken advantage of you again- 

Is everything really OK?
Please let your smile shine like sun
You'll find someone you love... 
Someone to tell your secrets 
For now tho please promise me
That you'll truly try 

You know... 
The path your taking is quite dark and 
It leads to trouble quite a bit 
Can you really see now? 
That blame you are far from it 
You cannot be pinned with another's grim- 

Hey now whats happened? 
Did you really honestly think you could break from us
He'll send you away again 
Don't try to go now 
Father doesn't mean that 
But ever since mom left 
He had fallen sick 

Please don't say now 
That its been all your fault 
It could not have been in your hands to choose a different fate 
Know that everyone cares for you 
They really do adore you
Some may pray for you 
Though its in vain now... 

Life's never fair to us 
Thats a cruel tearing fact 
Don't let it drag you down tho or you'll never last 

(I love my brother... Mother loves you too, from heaven, she is in your heart... Father loves you, somewhere...)

© 2010 Channing S.

Author's Note

Channing S.
The song is for two specific characters and is in the words of the older brother Caleb. Speaking to his little brother Ayden... And of him I suppose... Anyways, if there are any points you would like to bring out, or perhaps some constructive criticism that would be appreciated!

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Added on December 3, 2010
Last Updated on December 3, 2010
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Channing S.
Channing S.


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