P l u c k e d

P l u c k e d

A Poem by Channing S.

Don't look down... 
Keep your chin up 
From the beginning we were plucked 
At the start we were asked 
In the end we were saved 

And to this day...
Gracious smile
Put any sorrow aside 
Let no tears fall down your face 
We have made many mistakes 
But nothing could take your place 

Here with us

Our kind hearts gathered dust 
For we left them on a shelf 
Crying does you no good 
In faith and restful health 

I can't explain these words I give to you 
In the end we were all plucked 
Set aside apart from others 
Different in light and just 

So please keep your chin up... 
Those striking eyes don't redden 
Only one more thing darling I know your forgetting
To deaden yourself 

Don't leave yourself open like that angel 
Sweet flower of mine you are under attack 
With each stab and laceration...

Don't weep I know it hurts...

Comfort will greet you

© 2010 Channing S.

Author's Note

Channing S.
Song lyrics for a piece of my photography...
Its hard to explain. It just came to me...

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Added on December 5, 2010
Last Updated on December 6, 2010
Tags: plucked, song, lyrics, love, heart, condition, poem, poetry, human


Channing S.
Channing S.


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