A Poem by Channing S.

All the problems in the world with every downtown girl 
When all the kids they look dead and mind controlled 
Follow every trend in a magazine 
Messing up their lives to get adrenaline 

Why is it so important that you feel pain? 
Its sunny outside but your lives a rainy day 
Some people give you hell but god don't act this way 
All I've got to say 

Theres bigger things than me and you 
And sure its true I could care less 
About every little thing that comes your way 
I must confess 

I'm sick and tired of all the trouble 
You get yourself into 
So until you grow up 
Heres what I want you to do 

Take a negative situation and look for the light 
Theres a silver lining even though sometimes it hides 
Don't just blame everyone else, sometimes its your fault 
Exaggerating peoples flaws doesn't help at all  

Work on yourself 
Sometimes we have to have a chance to be alone 
Glaring in the mirror 
Locking all your doors 
Pick at every little thing and learn what makes you tick 
Until you settle down I must say 

You make me sick

© 2010 Channing S.

Author's Note

Channing S.
Ever met someone who just loves to make trouble..?
They create all these problems for themselves which could easily be avoided...
And then blow it all out of proportion...
Anyways... I hope you like this quick piece... And any criticism I will gladly take.

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I kinda liked this well done :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 8, 2010
Last Updated on December 8, 2010
Tags: Histrionic, teenage, human, nature, poem, lyrics, heart


Channing S.
Channing S.


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