The Adventure Is Only Beginning

The Adventure Is Only Beginning

A Chapter by Justin

Chapter 1: The Adventure Is Only Beginning A Chapter in the book entitled "Latos: The First Battle"

The blood slowly dripped off the boulder. The unsheathed sword, broken in two, lay more than three feet away. The soldiers built body, in golden trimmed black armor, with a battered  war-scarred helmet, lay in vain on top of this boulder. A quick rush of color swooped by, flying almost directly into the sky, resting assured his opponent was slain.

"Naan, wake up! Your already willing to miss the second day of direct training?!" Yelled Mir, standing a whole 6 feet tall over the edge of Naan's bed.

"Ugh, Master said we weren't doing anything today, you know.. The day of rest?! We only can prep up on our own time today, Mir. Now, go back to.." His voice trailed of as he slipped under his pillows and was trying to fall into his deep sleep yet again.

"Yeah, but he said.." He glanced down to notice Naan yet again asleep. "Hey, wake up you fat bum!!" Hitting the pillow Naan's head was under, making sure he would stay awake this time. Feeling that Naan was listening he continued, "He said we could train our combat arms at the field today, specifically with our katana's and you know how much I love those. "

"You do know I'm only a wizard, I can barely cast my own spells in training let alone hold a katana properly. Why would I even need to use one anyhow?" Naan said, as he sat up in his bed, eyes still half shut.

"Well maybe it will come in handy when you cross Latos?" Mir was waiting for a response til he saw the seriousness on Naan's face. "You know.. The God of Dragons, With his blaring red body, and pitch black tail end~" At this point Naan laid back against the bedpost, and stared at the wooden ceiling, with the expression that Mir was wasting his time.

Naan, seemingly avoiding the question, stretched his neck, arms, and twisted his sides. He slowly focused and harvest energy to the point of his finger, shining in a bluish spark. Then widening his eyes, and snapping his fingers, shot it off at the door. It hit at an abnormal speed, but only dissipated into the air, leaving the slightest burn mark on the door.

"We'll never face Latos, don't be so silly."

Mir laughed, almost in disbelief, "Your the son of Zorox, greatest wizard of all Maze! The only one to dare try to fight Latos straight on, and leave some type of damage on Latos' armored ancient body!"

Naan looked over sharply, with an empty glare, "His foolish move to cast out for Latos got him killed, A simple scar on a dragon is not worth the trade of his soul!" Naan's hands sparkled with a bluish, clearish light, almost like an aroma. 

Mir was half scared, and half at ease. He knew Naan would never harm him, even under heat. Being as respectful to the situation as possible he tried to blow it off. "Well, at least you can come watch me practice and plan some offensive strikes against movements?"

Naan didn't break his glare, but the rage was gone, and the flares from his hands seized to produce. 

Mir looked down and hesitantly said, "Listen, I'm sorry for bringing it up. I didn't think you would get offended by it so more, and you know how I tend to get carried way with myself and..."

Naan interrupted, "It's OK Mirry, I know you all too well, it's only been five years we've been together in this camp right? But hey, lets get going, I would love to make some counter-active planing!"

Naan hopped out of bed and put on his gears. A simple white hooded robe, a wizards basic wear. He also reached for his blue, crystallized staff that stood almost as tall as him; while Mir threw on his own. A light, leather sun-hardened tunic vest. An oak wood round shield, very small for what it was, made particularly for the diverse movement of one looking for the cutting edge in speed with no defensive interference. Lastly, but most important by far, he proudly picked up his shadow-steel katana, with its razor edge, it darkened even deeper when shone on by the sun.

"Race you there!" Naan said, almost as if it was routine.

"OK, but no teleporting this time!" He looked over, only to see a small blue aura behind, leaving Naan at the Camp Arena by now. Mir sighed, yet smirked at it "Cheater."

Mir arrived at the Arena, only to be pushed on by Naan into the entry gate where the other soldiers in training laid.

"You were almost late Mir! Aren't you lucky I helped you get in this round?! They already called for the two minute siren."

Mir sighed, "You know I could just wait til next round, I need to set up, I haven't even swung my blade toda.." The gate between the two trainee's closed, the soldiers raised their weapons and the 'ready up' siren was sounded, "pay a visit to the Master at least, let him know im here... Too late for me, but you better!"

Naan laughed a little bit, and gleamed his gaze towards the ground. "I'm sure you'll do alright! Remember, I'll be watching! Don't get tagged too much, you might get actually hit!" Then without a response, the blue aura appeared yet again. Naan was gone, probably admist the crowd already.

Mir raised his katana, waved it around firmly a couple times, and blocked invisible blows with his shield. The ready light turned off, and the soldiers patted each others backs in good sport. After that, the grand doors already slammed open, and the crowds roar doubled almost instantly.

"Welcome one and all to the Camp Arena of Maze!" boomed the spokesman loud, prominent voice. "Next up... We have the weekly Carnage Lust!! Where the soldiers fight against some captured spawns, Balrogs to be exact this time! For a whooping 250 G's per kill! That is.. If they make it out to receive their reward!"

By the time the announcer finished, all the men were strategically placed around the grand door, inside the field. Mir was shaken, not even a soldiers rank at the least. He could barely finish off a timed round against the dummy contests. He thought sure of his death, turning back was no option.

Naan was flushed. He ran around frantically, looking for his Master. Once he found him, the Master only sat in the high seat, watching the battle that was about to proceed. He seemed assured that Mir would live, the only thing he could hope for, there was no stopping the match at this point. Within seconds, Mir explained the fault to some soldiers, they agreed to keep an eye on him, and for him to only play defensively.

The balrogs then burst through the grand door, getting more agitated by the roar and confusion of the crowd, they then stroked their massive brown wings and detracted their vicious sharp claws. Devastatingly blood-stained red, and easily able to tear through human flesh without any effort. As they blew smoke out of there noses, preparing for the inevitable battle, the soldiers got stance ready, and the assault began.

With longswords and greatswords, staves and rods, bows and longbows, the soldiers started the attack. Crying out their battle cries, and chanting their magical charms and spells. The clash looks like an explosion of blood in the arena. With sparks flying as claws ripped through shields and armor; and blood flying as lightning and earth spikes and arrows pierced balrogs leather tough skin.

Mir watched in terror, only five meters away from the initial front lines. Two soldiers vigilantly watched about him, making circles around him to ensure the better protection. Naan watched intently, gripping the top of the stands with all his power, doing his best not to blink.

Ten minutes of carnage pass by, for Mir, it felt like centuries. Blood soaked the dirt and sands and walls of the fields, shared alike from beast and human. Metal straps and leather hide lay among the wreckage. Mir was only being vigilantly covered by one lone archer, referred to as the snipers of the day. Everyone had been slain except one balrog, mortally wounded already.

The sniper pulled out his long, silk-laiden widow-wooded bow. He pulled out three arrows, skillfully lining up one in the string, while managing to hold the other two in his fingers. His eyes fixed on the vital points of his targets, pulling out three easy-to-hit vital points on the balrogs battle-torn body. With one firm blink, and one firm exhale, he let go of the string. The arrow flew perfectly horizontal to his target, striking him in the left leg, the arrow stuck inside the skin, with blood gushing all around. A direct hit.

The balrog cringed in pain, but knew it was his turn. The sniper shot off the two arrows, hitting only close to the vital points, but no dice. He jumped around strategically, for better bow re-adjustment. The balrog was flung towards them, flying in full speed, with no possibility of stopping, unless by hitting something. Or someone. 
He hit the archer full on, he expected it, and shot off a double arrow blow towards the head of the balrog, it hit directly. Adding the force of the balrogs flight, and his own arrows momentum, it pierced directly through the cheeks of the balrog, granted causing a definite disability, but not severing the balrog at all. He continued flight, from the failed attempt of a execution, and hit the archer head on. The archer flung his arms up and dropped his blow, it did little to save his own soul. He flew 7 meters in the air, almost like a rag doll, in turn of the momentum, the balrog came crashing into the ground, almost next to his ragged victim. 
Dirt and sand and dust flew, Mir's eyes widened. Seconds into it, the dirt settled, the sand flew away, and the dust dissipated. The sniper, buried in it all, laid in two, from the point of impact. Mir was nearly disgusted by the whole thing, but had a bigger trouble at hand. The balrog stood up, and shook off the sand, almost creating a smoke screen around him. He lunged at Mir, the only thing he could do was throw his shield up, pray, and close his eyes. The impact was disabilitating, he flew 20 meters away, a more direct impact. He stood up, only to find the strap of his shield around his arm, nothing else, the shield had been shattered. He straightened his pose, in severe pain from landing on his back. He hung his arm down, with the useless straps around it, and with a new perspective on the severity of the situation, he raised his sword.

The balrog gave a new look as well, a less intense look. The massive beast parted its wings and lunged yet again at the boy; slower than last time, by far. He lost gallons of blood, enough to drain two humans dry, but to a balrog it was only starting to cause any serious effects. Mir focused hard, calculating the flight of the behemoth, he closed his eyes, and with his new precision timing, threw his sword up with strong force in a reckless form. His concentration paid off. The balrog hit, but only the blade. Piercing him right between the nose, down the skull lining, and impacting the brain. A slight red goo fuzzed out of the incision, blade still in tact to the flesh. The beast, was now slain.

Mir opened his eyes, and the balrog lay lifeless under his feet. The crowd was furious, almost like a bunch of crazy men who had a drink. Naan was none-the-less stunned as much as the crowd, if not more. He blinked rapidly in disbelief, but happy that his brother to arms was still in tact. 

"There you have it folks! Now a new record for the youngest soldier to enter into this field, but to win as well!! If you don't think you got your moneys worth, you need to check your rates one more timee!!  His reward is definitely more than 250 G's, he broke records upon records! Maybe a record for most records? I bet he's glad, not having to share his collection at all, not like its much... Only a total of.... 5000 G's!!!" The spokesmen boomed out to the crowd.

Mir was now filled with energy, although very sore and torn, he entered back into the just-opened grand doors. There was already his winnings sitting on the equipment table of which he used. A sack filled with 5000 G's. That could easily buy him his armor and weapon six times over, of course with some going to a new shield. He opened the bag to confirm his winnings, and closed it again. He hung the lace around his leather belt, where his shield would have laid, and walked out of the holding area. 

Naan came running to his aid. "I'm speechless.. I don't know what to say! I'm sorry I'm sorry!!! I don't know wha.."

Mir grabbed his shoulder and threw himself onto it, resting all his weight on it, unable to hold his own. "No worries my friend, I'm still alive aren't I? I hope you learned not to rush me, cuz if im not rushing it, then well. Number one thats just crazy, number two there's a good reason!"

"Foolish boys..." a deep, assertive voice was echoed. "How could you dare be so foolish?! It still amazes me know... The most thing that amazes me is... The outcome. Good job Mir." 

The two boys sharply looked down, and stood at attention. Their Master walked up to them, dressed in the same style robe as Naan, but black with golden trim. His hood covered all but his lengthy white beard, rough and torn by battle. He brought himself closer and threw his arm around both the boys.

"And yet... You end up more experienced than I thought, with a pretty penny this time." He said, lifting his head a bit to reveal a small smile, "Don't expect much difference in training, your still only the rank you are. Remember that, cuz thats all you have, even though you presented to me, and accomplished, a task that a soldier could rarely handle."

The boys smirked a bit at his last statement, Mir a little bit more than Naan.

"Well, tomorrows a new day Master, we will see what comes!" Mir said whole-heartedly, smiling with all the strength he had left. "I need... To wash up, and sleep. Cope with the situation ya know?"

By now the Master had already left, leaving a similar glow that Naan leaves. Naan smiled and wiped the tears from his eyes, he looked at Mir as if he were his true blood brother; unsure of what to say, and still in shock from all what happened.

Mir patted his sack full of G's and smiled, looked up at Naan and exclaimed, "Lets go visit the shop? I'll pay all expenses!" He chuckled a bit as Naan's face seemed to lighten up from the situation.

"I think Ill take you up on that offer! Here, lets save your weary body the walk." Naan grabbed onto Mir's shoulder and with his staff, placed it on the center of Mir's breastbone. Blue light emanated from the two boys and staff alike. They teleported.

"Wow, I feel kind of queezy." Mir said, grabbing his stomach, "When were you able to multi-teleport anyways?! You cheated me out on this for so long, no fair at all..." By now Naan was already entering the weapon shop, "Why do I even bother..." Mir mumbled to himself.

He followed after Naan and checked out the gear. An hour passed, and the sun was now setting. The two left with only little candies and some polishers, a new sharpening block for Mir as well. The store was already cleared out, and the employee's were already cleaning up the area by the time the boys decided to leave.

This time they both decided to walk. It was eerily empty on the walk path back. By the time they got to the cabin, it was pitch black. With no messages awaiting, or any sign of the Master trying to contact them, they took off their armors, and hung up their weapons. They stayed up not long, only to eat a few sweets and talk about what training was to come.

Mid-sleep, they were awakened by a blaring light, and a loud bang. Awake and alert Mir and Naan jumped out of bed. Naan lit up the room with his magic flaring off of his skin. Mir quickly threw on his tunic, not even lacing it up, and picked up his newly sharpened weapon. When he was half-ready, Naan flipped over his robe and threw it on, he also grabbed his staff with his off-hand. The two looked at each other to make some sort of mental assessment of the situation.

"It's kind of obvious what is going on.. But who knows." Mir whispered carefully.

Naan shook his head in slight agreement and slowly opened the wooden door from their cabin. With amazement and disbelief, Naan and Mir shared the same look. They gazed out into the battle stricken field. Set ablaze by the beasts and monsters that surrounded it. Cabins were in pieces, the lumber almost torn perfectly apart from another, and bodies of guards and soldiers laid alike on the floor, having met the same fate. Along with it only a few monsters and demons lay.

Balrogs, Rages, and Daemons of all kinds savagely tearing through every quarter, cabin, and body they could find at the Camp. Almost as if they were searching for someone. Mir grabbed Naan's arm and ran away from the deceiving "protection" of the wooden cabin. He pulled them both to a long line of shrubbery that the horde of beasts found useless and left alone. Naan was still coming to reality, once the wave advanced further into the Camp, causing my havoc and chaos.

"We must fight!" Naan yelled, as he stood up and spat sparks of blue lightning out of the crystal top of his staff. Mir pulled him down almost as quick as he stood up.

Quietly Mir whispered, "Listen! That will only get us killed and you know it. Even if it is with valor and honor. These aren't possibly just simple beasts and monsters, the amount dead would be double the amount dead of us! I mean 'cmon, look around, over the Master Guards lieing cold in the field, and barely a single beast in return" Already crouched, he stooped his head even lower and glanced around, observing his surroundings.

"Well, we sure can't just sit here and do nothing~" Naan blatantly yelled, almost standing up to this again.

"We should follow a safe distance behind the wave and..."

"And then strike from the back?! Mir, good idea, we can slowly pick them off without them noticing!"

"No, and... Find the Master, he has to have the slightest idea of whats going on right now. We must fit around the onslaught, and reach the Masters quarter."

They both stood up and started walking behind mounds of debris and half-destroyed buildings. It was quiet easy to see and hear. The fires were slowly advancing, with a bright yellow glow, and the wave of horde must be, at the least, a good number of meters away. In disgust and horror they watched these evil beings brutally killed everyone in their path, while the daemons purposely lit houses and quarters and cabins ablaze. Through the way, Mir had to calm Naan down several times, keeping him behind a pile of rubble a couple times from the scene. His staff was glowing bright at this point, with currents pouring out more and more by the minute. 

After traveling through the Camps garden, training facility, quarters, and main out-door chambers, Mir and Naan started to grow weary. They have been cautiously outlining the hordes steps for two hours. Not a single horde had been slain from the initial view. Mir and Naan were closing in to the main chambers of the Master; but being slightly ahead, the wave was already starting to demolish and peel away at the tower that held it.
As quietly and inconceivably as ever, Mir and Naan slowly scaled the far outside of these sections, slipping into the main chamber and up to the Masters room. earing nothing but silence on the other side of the door. Naan burst the door open with a wide ended flash of lightning; expected to see the worse.

From valiant, bold scouts, to defenseless apprentices, the combination of these men  sat on the stairway up to the Masters room, making sure to protect it. They found the Master was still unmoved, just standing at the window, staring at the chaos grimly.

"My boys, calm yourselves. I have ordered the full army assault against this onslaught." Looking down and away from the window for only a second, he continued, "unfortunately this is no ordinary wave, as you can tell. This is a demi-spawn, cast from Latos' divine energy himself." Good thing they aren't the brightest on their scavenger hunt. "He started to clap his hand against his fist in a swaying motion, occasionally orange sparks would shoot out.
"Because, simply put, they are here for you, Naan."

Naan staggered back, almost as if stabbed in the chest full force. His eyes narrowed out, before he could speak; their Master continued to expound on the situation.

"You Father as a brave man you know... I worked with him a couple times in fact, but your father was so brave indeed, that he inflicted a deep wound into Latos... Piercing his seemingly unbreakable armored body. To lay this down simply, not only does Latos seek revenge, but does he want to end your full family line, to save his own self from the potential threat, being you."

With a swift flush of his hand, the door slammed closed, and seemed to lock by some magical force.

"Quickly, hand me that red leather booklet over in the corner of my table, I have prepared this for you since the attack was on the way. We must get through this, that barrier wont hold long when the demi-spawn reach it."

Naan was motionless, still developing this information. Mir quickly grabbed the book while the Master expounded.

"I must leave here giving you all of mine own knowledge, almost like a bond.. Before I depart to the Maker, the most high God! Grab onto Naan's shoulder, Mir. Be sure not to let go."

Both the boys were speechless, letting their Masters' work be done. The Master began reading the verses in some language foreign to the boys. Everything faded to white; even the Master was gone, but his voice still loud and clear. It slowly turned into a waning echo, til all the voices were gone. They were completely engulfed in the darkness. Suddenly, an enlightenment began to happen, the boys were being filled with vast knowledge, to the point it was almost painful. Next was nothing.

© 2010 Justin

Author's Note

Enjoy, Feedback on how you felt about it? Plus how deep did you delve into the story? Was it grasping to your mind and draw you in? Was it even interesting?

-Sneak Peak-

The next chapter will have less dialog and a lot more fighting scenario's. They join an underground league of trainers and fight against the people who are wrong, but wear armor of the governments orders?? What gives?!

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Oh my goodness I loved this! Excellent start to this book!! I was pulled in right away, and was at the edge of my seat by the time the ending came. Very VERY nice work. I will most certainly continue in this book.
I can't wait for the next chapter!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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