Under Waterfalls

Under Waterfalls

A Poem by Kat

She tried to flee from the material that would soon become a second skin

Like the trade of smoke over continents….poisoning the soft breast of our youth

We assaulted these parasites

Hungry for the blood of the weak

Hungry for the slaughter of souls and the American dream


The American dream

Wow, that can’t be

What was set in stone and put to grow out of our soft minds

The simplicity and the beauty of no meaning

Why don’t you set forth the lobotomy??

Suck dry the frail humans

Strike down a yearning mind


I awoke with colors in a gentle spiral

Creating a new mind

In a new time

Free and without restraint like invoked whispers of ancient spirits


We are only free when we want to be

Under waterfalls

Rebirth like a flowering seed

And then death comes to wipe away our energy

Collects for the manufacturing of what is to be

The beings that materialize from the air of my last breath

Everything is in you and me

© 2009 Kat

Author's Note

When I wrote this, it had a certain flow which probably can't be expressed through typed up words.
Sounds better in my head but I hope you enjoy it anyway....

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I like how your rumination on the rocky dream of consensus reality resolves into a Zen-like "The beings that materialize from the air of my last breath/Everything is in you and me."

Stepping back into the subtle space from which the forms we identify with arise, we realize that very undying Oneness.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wonderful opening line.. Very frontal lobe observation of today's materialistic and apathetic times. Yes, the mighty corporate vultures do prey on the souls of many.
Keeping us prisoners of the green stuff and their polluted ideas. And yes, "a new mind" should be our mantra. Humanity and artistic endeavors go hand in hand and flow out of us like a waterfall. Everything is definitely right there in us to breathe in our humanity.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I really like your poem, it's well described and constucted. Love it!

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is like nothing I've read recently, so unique and contemplative. My favorite part was the last part esp. "We are only free when we want to be" because it just makes so much sense. It does flow quite well and I did enjoy it, thank you :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

I'm so glad I read this--it's just beautiful. I don't know what it sounded like in your head, but I really enjoyed it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Such a sweeping, visual wonder of a write. You evoke strong emotions with broad, brilliant strokes. Amazing write...

Posted 10 Years Ago

As always, a great piece.
I like the use of the American dream and then the representation of life through a flowering seed. And when I read the part about being free and then life and death, I thought of how the only way for a seed to be present is through the death of a flower, like the dandelion's fly-away seeds which land where they may after being blown about, and then cast themselves into the earth to sprout new life. And so then I thought, if only we contributed to life through our deaths. If only I could have been 'born' a flower....

--A very(and quite literally) grounded,

Posted 10 Years Ago

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