This is a collection of short poems.

This is a collection of short poems.

A Poem by DoucheFuck;;

"Live with it"

Can you smile about it?
Can you smile with hatred gleaming in your eyes?
I know you can do it.
I can feel the hate shooting through your fists.
With every blow I take,
The pain seems to go away.
You seem to go away.
It makes it better,
You make me better.
Hit me harder,
Let me feel that sweet numb.


"White Rocks"

Heat you up.
Smoke you down.
Hold you in.
Turn you round.
Blow you out.
Gone all numb.
So much fun.
Not quite done.
Come back now.
Hear me scream.
Need some more.
Can't get clean.
Make me numb.
Tear me down.
Love me up.
Be here now.



Smile for the stars that peek into your heart.
Glance for a chance to make love with the other.
Smile for the gleam in your eyes you've been missing.
Love for the sake of the people you hold dear.
Battle for those you've lost in the war.
For you, my dear, are more than a w***e.



The guns sing.
A wonderful melody only loved by certain;
Those who dress in camouflage.
Those who stand at enemy gates,
Yelling and screaming.
Trusting to be the one who dies,
In hopes of portraying their country.
Well done.
Its a job not sought by many.
A job that haunts a family.
Be brave, and don't look back.
For you, have served well.
A tribute to mankind,
And mankind's many types
Of wonderful.

© 2008 DoucheFuck;;

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"White Rocks" was my favorite out of these, but I also really liked "Gleam;" that last line in it was like a nice literary punch to the face, because it came out of nowhere. I enjoyed these.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on December 8, 2008




I'm Christina. I write about things that happen, things that I want to happen, things that I think should happen. I try to be heartfelt, and sincere. But, thats not always how it works out. I'm a comp.. more..


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