A Poem by DoucheFuck;;

This poem is kind of weird for me. Its not my usual subject content, but I liked it when I finished writing it. Its unedited, so I'd appreciate brutal honesty. =]


The sweet smell of your skin lingers.
I can feel it touching me,
Caressing my cold body.
It burns, It rips, It heals.
I've never felt so alive as when
You're holding me in your arms.
Gently, you squeeze and the blood pumps
Through my veins, rushing through me,

A river runs through a city.
Slower in some parts than others,
But running nonetheless.
Citizens sitting at rivers edge,
Waiting for something to happen.
Noone is quite sure what they're waiting for.
A miracle.

A mother raises her two children alone.
Struggling, but surviving on love.
It's all they have, and all they'll have for a while.
Someone will find them, eventually.
They'll get the help they need soon enough.
Writing cheques to invisible people that run their home.

Money runs a company, money runs a world.
A world so full of money that people are dying everyday,
Because they can't afford to live, can't afford to pay
The rent, or buy food, or clean clothes, or water.
Diseases are killing, but thats not what matters.
If that doesn't matter, what does?

Invisible problems that the government creates.
People living in a world full of fear, ignorance,
We'll never truly understand whats going on
In the world we're living in, that we inhabit.
Someone needs to do something, just reach out and grab it.
Who's got the power?

You do, that body being caressed by the love of your life.
But little did you know that he's holding a knife.
He doesn't plan to keep you, just toss you out to dry.
Funny how the world is so fucked up
But no one can open their sad little eyes.

Its a pretty little world, full of pretty little lies.
Hidden people we just can't find,
They're running the world, with no ties in line.
Millions of years and counting 'til we find a solution.
Until then, we'll just have to live
With all the drugs and prostitution.

© 2009 DoucheFuck;;

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Well, this is pretty damn awesome, haha.
I love the form and the topic.
It's a successful venture from your usual. =]

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on March 6, 2009




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