Vince and Issue #1: His Girlfriend

Vince and Issue #1: His Girlfriend

A Story by *Kantola*

Vince has alot of issues, so I have now decided to name him "ISSUE BOY!". Now, we will be taken through many adventures of Issue Boy, and see what it's like in his life. >:) Hint: Vince-c=Vine. Grapes grow on vines :)



      Vince sat in the parking lot, waiting. "You guys coming or not?" He nearly screamed into the phone. He looked around. He was the only one sitting in the desolate parking lot, and felt like he was going to get mugged any second. He locked the doors out of paranoia. He rolled is eyes as there was no reply. "Hello? Did you disconnect me again?" He asked.

      "No, still here." Came Ramone's voice. "Yeah, I'm headed there. Got your girlfriend in the back seat, and she kinda seems pissed at me... for some reason." He added, laughing to himself.

      "Why would she be pissed?" Vince asked, slightly angry.Ramone laughed on the other side of the phone.

      "She doesnt know i'm your friend, I guess. I also dont think she likes me very much." He said with an awkward tone. Vince grumbled into the phone.

      "You know how to get here, right?" Vince asked.

      "Yeah, yeah. I'm pulling up now." Ramone said. His car pulled up next to Vince's; His girlfriend was in the back seat with a stern, annoyed face on. Her face forward. Ramone rolled the windows down, and hung up the phone. He looked over at Vince, and shrugged. "She hasn't said a word. She just has that... look on 'er face."

      "Because you wouldnt tell me who you were when i asked! I almost called 911! I thought you were kidnapping me! How is a girl supposed to feel when someone comes through her window, says 'I'm taking you to your boyfriend', HOISTS the girl over his shoulder, and shoves her in the backseat of a strange looking car!?" She exclaimed. Ramone chuckled.

      "Yeah... Vince said it was an emergency, so I treated it as such." He said shrugging.Vince rolled his eyes, and hung his arm out the window.

      "Anna, are you as upset as you look?" He asked, looking at her. Anna looked back at him with the same, stern, unmoved face.

      "Yes." She snapped. Vince sighed. "And what was such an emergency that you had to have me dragged out of my room by... Ramone, over there. He came through my window! He-" She said. Vince looked away, and sighed loudly, making her stop.

      "You can stop already, I get the point... I'm moving. My parents said that there's better business away from here. Well, my dad did. My mom just stays at home, so she doesnt really care." He said shrugging. Ramone frowned.

      "Aw man, that sucks." Anna said looking at her feet. Vince smiled at her.

      "So, do you want to stay together, or is that not gonna work?" He asked. Anna looked away.

      "I'm not sure a long distance relationship would work... I mean, where are you moving to?" She asked. Vince took out a map.

      "There." He said pointing to a country on the other side of the world, from where they were. "You have my cell number, right?" He asked.

      "Yeah..." Anna replied, looking at her feet. "Im not sure that'll work. I..." She burried her face in her arms. Vince looked at Ramone, raising an eyebrow. Ramone shrugged. "I've been cheating on you with Francis." She said picking her head up. Vince stared at her, not wanting to believe her. Anna frowned. "I wanted to tell you sooner..." She said crying. Vince looked away.

      "So I see that this isnt gonna work, long distance or not. That's not cool, Anna." He said glaring at her. "How would you feel if I was cheating on you for however long you were cheating on me, and decided to tell you when you were moving away, and already half stressed to death?" He asked with a straight face. Anna frowned.

      "Pretty awful." She said quietly. After a long pause, she added, "Why are you so stressed?"

      "I'm moving, for god's sake! That should be stress enough! On top of that, my grades are going down because of assumptions that my dad has! Not only that- ugh!" Vince stopped, and began to beat the car wheel. Not ferociously, just enough to get his point across. Anna frowned. "Is he really that good at what every girl says he's good at?" He asked, in a quiet, concerned voice.

      "Yeah..." Anna said looking away.

      "Ew..." Vince said with a shudder." You... and... him!? In... the back seat of a car?" He asked, almost falling out of his car window. Anna nodded slowly. "Ugh! That's it! Yeah, I'm glad i'm moving, now. Sorry if I seem outraged, because I am! That's not cool!" He exclaimed.

      "Hey, cool down." Ramone said. Vince sighed.

      "I'll see ya on moving day, Ramone. You're coming to help, right?" He asked. Ramone nodded.

      "Yeah." He replied. Vince put the key in the ignition, and sped off, in an angry rage, trying to forget what his Ex had just told him.

© 2008 *Kantola*

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Author's Note

This was randomly written one day... so, yeah :)
If there are any grammar problems, tell me so!

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Her face forward--?

You wrote very nice dialogue. It conveyed the emotions of the characters well. You really brought the characters to life. I hope you keep writing in this vein.

Posted 11 Years Ago

wow... he has issues. I liked this story and I hope that you continue it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

i like it:]
it's the first thing i read on here and i like it:D
hmm i think it seems kinda chompy, like it doesn't [all] flow together, but over all really good

Posted 11 Years Ago

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