Vince and Issue #2: His Dreams

Vince and Issue #2: His Dreams

A Story by *Kantola*

Some swearing in it, but who cares? =D Silver and Lithium arent my characters, they belong to Elemiah. Bother her if you want more of them >>





   Vince jolted awake and looked around his room. He clung to his pillow, and turned on the lights, making sure he was the only one in the room. "Oh god, that was awful." he mumbled to himself. He looked under the bed, each side, then looked behind the curtains. "I hate those dreams." He added to himself. Vince shuddered, then attempted to go back to sleep.


   The next day, Vince headed to school. He waited at the door for his friend, Ramone. He and Ramone had been best friends since they were in preschool, when Vince had defended him from some bullies. Ever since then, they had been close friends. They trusted each other with deep dark secrets, and threatened to kill the other if they spilled anything. Knowing that Ramone's father was a felon, and Vince's father was a mob boss, neither would tell secrets.

   Ramone jogged up the stairs to where Vince was sitting. "Dude, you look tired. You finally get laid?" He asked. Vince smirked, and shook his head.

   "Nah... maybe another day." he said quietly. Ramone grinned.

   "I know that look..." He said. Ramone stared into his eyes. "What happened last night?" He asked. Vince shrugged.

   "Nothing.... the usual, if you understand that much." Vince replied. Ramone sighed.

   "I dont know your daily rituals. It's not like I stalk you... like that one creepy girl in 4th grade!" Ramone said, following laughter. Vince shuddered.

   "Yeah, I remember her. That was the creepiest year of my life. I shielded myself in the shower because I thought she could see me." Vince said, chuckling to himself. "How stupid." He said quietly. Ramone nodded.

   "Lets head inside." He said grabbing Vince's arm. "Ready for them tests today? School's almost over, thank god. Whoo, EOCs... (End Of Course)" He grumbled. "You're a senior, almost graduating, and havent gotten laid yet! Get to it!" Ramone said "pimp slapping" his own hand. "They like strong men! Men that can be firm, men they can lean on! Men that..." Ramone thought a moment, and smirked.

   "If it's something nasty, I dont really want to hear it." Vince said shuddering.

   "What's up with you? Usually you'd be chimin' in... Whazzup?" Ramone asked. Vince sighed.

   "Remember... what I told you about... those stupid dreams?" Vince asked. Before he could even finish his sentence, Ramone burst into laughter.

   "You still get those? Come on! I'll have them once in a while! How often are they?" He asked.

   "Ever since she cut my face, pretty frequent." He said quietly, and shoving his fists in his pocket. Ramone looked at Vince and stopped walking. Vince looked back at him.

   "So, you're telling me that you have dreams about Silver raping you?" He whispered. Vince sighed.

   "Yeah, that's what I'm saying..." He mumbled.

   "Ah... You have dreams about a ruthless murderer that would chop your nuts off if you said the slightest thing to her??" He asked. Vince glared.

   "Stop, you're making me feel bad now!" Vince said quietly. Ramone smiled.

   "Who doesnt have dreams about her? I mean... She's sexy! I dont blame you, and-" Vince put a hand on Ramone's shoulder.

   "That's not all.. there's a whip involved." Vince said sternly. Ramone burst into laughter. All heads turned to them. Vince looked around. "Nothing to see here! Keep walking!" He exclaimed. The students went back to their business.

   "Dayum, that's funny!" Ramone said whiping 'tears' from his eyes. "Can I tell Silver? PLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!?" He asked.

   "Hell no." Vince snapped.

   "Tell me what?" Silver snapped. Vince turned around, and there stood the five foot beast that was the Silver Rose. She raised an eyebrow. Silver was a ruthless killer that worked for her Cousin, Lithium. Her cousin was the leader to a gang of teens. Only those that had trouble with their parents and/or were depressed could join. Silver had connections, and trouble with her mother, so she joined. Rumor had it that she could kill any human-being just by hitting them in one spot on their body. Vince and Ramone were so gullible that they believed the rumors, even though it was probably true. Vince jumped back, and stood next to Ramone.

   "What did we want to tell her?" Ramone asked, elbowing Vince. Vince cleared his throat.

   "Your hair looks pretty like that." Vince said. Silver chuckled.

   "And yet again, Grapey, you make a mockery of yourself by sounding gay." Silver said licking her fore-finger, and 'marking a point' for herself. She smiled, and walked off.

   "Damned if I say something, damned if I dont!" Vince exclaimed. Ramone laughed.

   "That all you could think of? Say something about her eyes! Or even her other eyes!"

  "What are her- oh!" Vince said laughing. "That's all you think of." He said quietly. Ramone smiled.

   "If you dont, who's supposed to?" He said with a smile. "Before you say anything about that, it was a compliment on your mature personality, not how you act gay sometimes. Wait! That sounds bad too!" Ramone said putting a hand over his mouth.

   "Just shut up now." Vince snapped. They walked to class, and continued to argue about Vince's gayness, Ramone's perverted-ness, how sexy Silver was, and Vince's constant dreams about Silver, a whip, and occaisionally whipped cream.

© 2008 *Kantola*

Author's Note

Ignore the grammar issues... I use WordPad instead of Microsoft word b/c my computer is retarded, slow, and .... RETARDED. So therefore, there may be issues with spelling... wootage?

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Rawr baby you know me too well you writing a story about me with the whip, cream, where's the hand cuffs? I loved it both of his issues are funny... bad... but funny I'll see you at school tomarrow!!!

Love you (in the friendly way ofcourse)

Posted 11 Years Ago

"the five foot beast that was the Silver Rose." ... wow. Kantola.. I love this story, and Issue boy! keep writing pretty please.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Good read. I noticed a few SPAG issues but nothing major. It was a good, smooth read. Very entertaining. I'd like to see more of these two.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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