Vince and Issue #4: Silver (In General)

Vince and Issue #4: Silver (In General)

A Story by *Kantola*

Yup... here it is. Felt too lazy to indent it... if anyone knows of a BUTTON you can use to indent it, plz notify me >< b/c IM A TARD


Vince walked into school that day with a fairly happy face on; He had passed all of his exams, and had practically passed 11th grade. Only a week or two before he would finally be able to leave the hell-hole that he called 'home'. As he walked into his English class, he frowned. There sat Silver. She smiled, and waved at him. "Hey, hon. Sorry that I took your seat. It was close to that w***e that I call a friend, so I decided to take it." She said smiling. "You don't mind, do you?" She asked. Vince rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, of course I mind. That w***e that you call a friend is my friend, too. So move your a*s." He said standing in front of 'his' desk. Silver grinned.

"I can tell by that look in your eyes that you're intimidated by me... Why's that?" She asked.

"Hm... let me think... How about that one time that you ran a dagger down the side of my face? OH! And how about that time that you dug a key into the side of my dad's pricey car, and blamed it on me? Want me to go on?" Vince asked, placing his hands on the desk. He looked her in the eyes. "Move." He said. Silver grinned.

"Fine..." She said standing up, and moving to the seat next to him. Vince sat in his seat, and folded his arms acrossed his chest. "So, how do you like my s****y friend? I know you want to do her... just by the way you stare at her a*s." Silver said with a smirk. Vince turned to her to glare.

"Yeah, no. I don’t watch her a*s. Maybe you do, but I'm not sure about you anymore." He said rolling his eyes. Silver turned towards him, and gasped.

"I am perfectly straight, unlike you, Mr. Grapey. You're about as straight as a circle. I, on the other hand, am as straight as a line can be." She sneered. Vince rolled his eyes.

"Unlike two years ago, that little nickname doesn't work anymore... and I'm perfectly straight!" He snapped.

"How about last night? Did it work then?" She asked.

"You weren't in my house last night... nonetheless, in my bed. And I'm almost positive that no one else was, either."

"Oh, wasn't I? In your little twisted dreams, I was. Hah! You have wet dreams about me, I can sense it. Your face getting red means that you do. Comae on, Grapey. I know you do... I'm too sexy to resist." Silver said, taunting him. She ran her hands all over her body, to make sure that he would get 'jealous' of her 'sexy' body. Vince rolled his eyes.

"I don’t have to deal with you..." he grumbled.

"What are you gonna do? Have your dad knock me off? Your dad is very special to me, and the pervert I work for..." She said, adding the last part quietly to herself. Silver re-adjusted her sunglasses as Vince let out an angry sigh.

"You bug me.." He sneered, folding his arms more securely around himself.

"I know I do... I do it to keep you on your toes." She said leaning towards him.

"My dad says that... So, it annoys me." He said quietly. Silver laughed a boisterous laugh, almost mockingly. Vince glared at her. "What?" He asked. Silver grinned from ear to ear.

"You're a wimp, you know that? You wouldn't have the courage to hit a girl. Not even me. Well, we all know, and can obviously tell, that I'm a girl." Silver said pushing out her chest. Vince sighed to himself.

"And I'm a man, what's your point?"

"You're too girly to be a man! I mean, come on... look at that s****y physique of yours! You have no muscles, no brawn! You're a skinny a*s thing! What's your purpose anymore?" Silver asked.

"My purpose is to do what I want... And you're too manly to be a girl! You have like, huge b***s but your a*s is flat as hell! I mean, come on. I have more volume in my a*s then you do. And your muscles? Huger than mine! Do you take testosterone?" Vince sneered, leaning towards her for effect. Silver pushed her sunglasses up to her forehead, and angrily swished her hair out of her eyes.

"You have the most annoying voice I've ever heard." Silver sneered. Vince rolled his eyes.

"Come on, have you ever heard your own voice? LIKE NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD!" He sneered back. Silver got closer to him, also for effect. Her eyes narrowed slightly. "Your eyes are so ugly. Purple? Come on... that's not a natural color!"

"Your eyes are s**t brown. You tell me about un-natural..." She sneered back, tilting her head in an annoyed fashion. Kantola walked into the room, saw the situation, and waited in the doorway for the situation to get better. She got out a camera to catch any embarrassing moments. Vince was prone to extremely embarrassing moments.

"I bet I get more men than you do." Vince sneered.

"I know I get more women then you do, AND I get laid more often than you! Have you ever had sex before?" She asked. Vince's face flushed.

"Never. I'm saving myself for marriage, unlike a s**t like YOU." Vince sneered. Kantola quietly giggled to herself, and turned her camera on. She was at the perfect angle to see if anything weird was to happen between them. Vince chuckled to himself. "You just keep giving pieces of yourself away til there's nothing left. I'll be there to watch when it happens."

"And I'm absolutely sure that I'll be around when you lose it all in one shot. You'll probably suck at sex, just like everything else in life." Silver said keeping a calm, yet mocking, face. Vince rolled his eyes. He was beginning to lose the 'battle'.

"Unlike you, I don't have to be careful where I bend over... JUST because of my cousin." Vince sneered. Silver laughed, amused.

"Oh, this is great... Kantola, are you getting all of this on camera? Vince is getting pissed off at me just because I'm playing a little word game... It's a game, but he's taking it seriously!" Silver said laughing harder. Kantola moved the camera from her face.

"How'd you know I was here?" Kantola asked, letting the camera-strap drop around her neck.

"Oh, I have ESP." Silver said grinning. Vince shot her a questioning look.

"Did you just say ESPN? Isn't that a TV show?" He asked. Silver giggled.

"No, I said 'ESP' you dork. Now... You're the most retarded thing since Charlie when he's drunk." Silver said. She leaned towards him, making sure he would hear her. "When he was a dog. And he sucked at sex, like you did." Silver whispered. Vince shot up out of his seat, and pointed a finger at her; angrily.

"How do you know that he sucked at sex? Did he f**k you when he was a dog? COME ON! That's twisted! Bestiality is awful. Especially when it's someone getting it. That's completely twisted! How many other animals have you bumped, Rose?" Vince asked. Silver shot out of her seat, and placed one of her legs on the top of the desk.

"For your information, you were completely stoned when you told me that Charlie sucked at sex when he was a dog, and he was completely stupid. I already knew the stupid part, but could assume the bad at sex part because he's f*****g OLD! 1,000+ years old! Oh my gosh, that's completely nuts! Who would have the nuts to do something that awful? Someone without nuts, if you ask me." Silver said puffing her chest out victoriously. Vince clenched his jaw and thought a moment.

"I don't do drugs." Vince sneered.

"I spiked your soda when I was last over at your house, and we had Charlie over for a little... 'fun'." Silver said with a smile. Vince clenched his jaw even more: trying to resist doing anything that could get him expelled. "Nothing to say? Well, I guess I won. And the class is coming in. We can always finish this later... HONEY." Silver exaggerated as people began to pour into the classroom. Ramone sat behind Vince, Kantola sat next to Silver, and the teacher sat at her desk.

"Okay, class. Today... we will spend the whole class writing in angry paper on the person that you dislike the most. You have as long as you need to finish this piece... No longer than two weeks! I don't think it'll take you all that long to conjure up your anger onto a piece of paper. Good luck! And, begin. We'll head to the computer lab so that you can work faster, and turn it in A.S.A.P.!" The teacher began, and concluded. The class quickly, and in an unorganized fashion, headed to the computer lab. Vince and Ramone sat by themselves in an aisle, and joked for part of the class period. Once the teacher yelled at them for cutting up, Vince got his serious face on and began to write:


Person I Dislike the most

by: Vincent Valentino


It took me a while to think about the person that I dislike the most. If I were to choose who that was, I would have to say Silver. There are many things that she has done to anger me. Of course, that's what I'm explaining in this paper.



Vince sighed, and held down the backspace button to get rid of the last two sentences. The teacher announced that the class was over, and that the students had to save their work. Vince threw up his hands, and began to complain a bit. He stopped once Ramone 'fake' slapped him in the face. "Chill out, dude! Just save it. I probably got as much done as you did!" Ramone said.

"Two sentences?" Vince questioned.

"Nope, I got about a paragraph..." Ramone said giving him a thumbs-up, and a broad smile.

"Who do you hate the most?"

"Uh... The math teacher. He won't help me with my math problems."

"Do you go and ask for help after school? Or do you just sit there and stare at the piece of paper until he gets telepathic waves that you're distressed?" Vince asked. Ramone stopped in the middle of the hallway to think.

"I think I do the second one." He said laughing to himself. Vince shook his head. "Who do you hate the most?" He asked. Vince grinned. Silver, unbeknownst to Vince, was walking slowly behind him. She was waiting to 'attack'.

"Well, I think that I would have to say-" Vince began, and jumped a few inches/feet in the air as Silver slapped his butt as hard as she could. "SILVER YOU W***E!" Vince exclaimed. Vince's teacher turned around and glared at him. Vince put a hand over his mouth. "She-"

"You're to see me after school, Mr. Valentino. We need to have a talk about your language." She said, turning around. Silver began to laugh. "You too, Ms. Silver." She said over her shoulder. Vince grinned defiantly at her. Maybe one punishment would set her 'straight' for all that torturing that he's endured. And maybe NOT.


© 2008 *Kantola*

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Author's Note

I tried to incorporate some details in this... whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
OKAY: Charlie
He's one of my characters. He pissed off a god, and he was turned into a dog for 1000 years (LOL CURSE) ... and in this story, he's "currently" a human, but does it really matter? ><
Tab button doesnt work ;-; anyone have a different method?

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Space button... And I want more!! bwa ha ha... see you at school tomorrow!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

You can use enter and then tab.... I liked this chapter because your attempt to put a lot of details into it definitely worked. I love how this one turned out. Keep writing!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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