Car Pollution

Car Pollution

A Story by *Kantola*

An essay we had to write on one of the issues the next president has to deal with. I chose Pollution :)



By: ME!




Cars have been one of the main sources of pollution in the United States for years upon years. Alone, the United States contributes 45% of the world’s carbon dioxide pollution (car emissions). The United States only holds 5% of the world’s population. So, for every 609,808 people, they contribute to 1% of the world’s population. About 40% of pollution caused is due to transportation. The pollution wouldn’t be so bad if we had environmentally friendly gas, or even more mpg, for money reasons. Considering the low mpg tanks, gas prices rising, and car prices climbing with each passing year/month should tell us something. In my opinion, the gas companies, car companies, STEEL COMPANIES, and the government are all in it together for money.

            While these prices are rising, our economy is going down. Could this be connected somehow? Yes! We are spending more money on gas and cars; therefore, we don’t have as much money to spend on the economy. If gas prices were to be set at a reasonable price, and to stay at that price (forever) then there wouldn’t be so many people complaining. I’m not saying that high gas prices are the only reason for our economy depleting.

Earth Day will not help us. All earth day does is give the world a one day break. A one day break can’t heal centuries upon centuries of ozone damage, and even damage done by acid rain. Of course, it does help our air, and our air is part of the reason that our ozone is as screwed up as it is. Some people plant trees and some people recycle. A group of college kids, this last earth day, went through their college dumpsters. ¾ of what they found in the dumpsters were recyclable. They even found aluminum cans in bags, ready to be recycled. Most of the time it’s an inconvenience for us to recycle (Ex: We have to take our recycling to Buxton. They won’t pick it up for us). If I were to make the decision, Earth Day should be once a week, or even one week a month. These kinds of breaks would help the earth more than one day a year. Think about it: 1/365, 1/7, 2/7, and even 4/30. Which is the better fraction?

 As you can see from this picture, the ozone is NOT healthy. It is far from it. This is a photo taken from the Antarctica point of view. The dark blue and purple on the map show low, unsafe levels of ozone indication. These low ratings are where the ozone hole has formed and is increasing in size, due to pollution and toxins in the air.

If we are as intelligent as we say we are, we should have, at least, a 60 mile per gallon engine. If we can have computers that are phones and music players (at the same time), and music devices that can hold thousands (or more!) of songs that can fit in your hand, then we should be able to have more mpg. I saw a car commercial for a car that was “so fuel efficient, that you would forget where the gas cap is.” It’s only 31 mpg, and my parents have a car that is 8 years old, and has the same mpg, if not more. Are you telling me that it’s 2008 and cars don’t have 50+ mpg?

Maybe the reason we can’t get so many miles per gallon is due to the material that the car is made of: Steel. Steel is pretty heavy. Steel is also pretty thick on a car, and can take up space that could also be used as space for a larger gas tank. 90% of the energy that a car uses to move is wasted by moving the person that’s in the car. So, if there was a lighter material that we could use to make cars, then we could have more mpg. In the long run, it all comes down to one question: What kind of material can we make a car out of that’s safe for the environment, keeps the driver safe in a car crash, and is cheap?

            Fuel is another thing! By now, we should be able to have at least an environmentally friendly gas. Ethanol fuel has been invented, but the gas companies won’t sell it in full! They only sell a small percentage of ethanol, like a 10% ethanol fuel. Could this possibly be because they want more money? Another fuel that has been invented is Hydro Safe Oil. It is biodegradable hydraulic oil: Which means that when it disintegrates, it disappears for good, and you can’t get it back. With normal fuel, it comes back to us in the air, and pollutes it.

            A man that lives on Hatteras Island used to make environmentally friendly gas. It was made of used corn oil, and some other materials. One day, when he was making it, the concoction went wrong and blew up in his face. He was sent to the hospital with 3rd degree burns, and hasn’t tried to make that gas since. That must be why not many people are making ethanol gas: It causes for difficult chemical combinations that could cause dangerous chemical reactions.

            They have many different kinds of cars, but only few that can run on different types of fuel. They have cars that run on water, cars that run on electricity, cars that run on batteries and then cars that run on gas. Tesla Motors has invented a car that runs on a battery/electricity that gets an equivalent to 135 miles per gallon! Of course, it runs on an electric battery instead of gas, so there might be a downfall or two. The Tesla Roadster has to be charged, and once fully charged, it can go about 220 miles before it needs to be charged again. With that mpg, you could probably go from about Hatteras to Onancock, Virginia (215.31 miles thanks to MapQuest).

            In conclusion, we have many different parts of a car that can be changed to get what we want out of it: Cheaper gas, cheaper cars, and a healthier environment. All it takes is putting some money into research, and actually putting forth an effort. The gas companies, steel companies, and the government won’t allow it! Why are we such a greedy nation? We can’t completely heal our ozone, but at least we can stop it from becoming worse.










Sites used: (that is where I got some of the statistics from J ) “Water Powered Cars or Hydrogen/Oxygen Powered Cars, using 100% water as fuel is real. By splitting water by electrolysis and creating hydrogen/oxygen gas, you can replace gasoline.”

-         1) They improve gas mileage.
2) They clean carbon deposits out of your engine.
3) The added hydrogen/oxygen produced acts like a
catalysis to your fuel, a more complete burn and slightly cooler.
4) Add a
FREE 120 octane booster to your fuel mix.
Knocks down the hydrocarbon count from your exhaust
6) Increases horsepower” (Hydrogen Boosters)

-         Tesla Motors of 2006 runs on an electric motor with a rack of batteries.”

-         “The power source was a black box of radio tubes, in the glove compartment. The box had an antenna sticking out. Tesla would fool with some tuners and tune in the right frequency and got 240 volts delivered through the air to his car. The car ran almost silent.”

A short list of the likely pathogens in car exhaust:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Suspended particles including PM-10, particles less than 10 microns in size.
  • Benzene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Polycyclic hydrocarbons environmentally friendly gas

My brain, and my dad J they were also used


© 2008 *Kantola*

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if the picture doesnt show, I'll just have to put it as the image... oh well, w/e... ENJOY

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Wooh for world history projects! How many pages did this end up being?

I like the way that you wrote this, though I think it might be a little bit informal for a research paper. It sounds like something that would be presented in a speech, passionate and well thought out. I really like this!

Posted 12 Years Ago

You will have to use the pic and the image... but wow girl you go! I am surprised that you wrote this... it's much different than what you nomaly do but wow good job!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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