Should the United States interfere with African Politics?

Should the United States interfere with African Politics?

A Story by *Kantola*

Another retarded paper our History teacher made us write that I'm kind of proud of.


Should the United States get involved with African Countries?

By: Moi!


            I am the type of person to see both sides of a coin, and hear both sides of the story before I form my opinion. I understand what we are doing for other countries, and on the inside I think it’s wrong. Exactly what would we do for the countries, and how would it benefit them? What kind of situation would they be in to have us go over there? How would we help them?

            I am both for and against helping African countries. In the movies that we’ve watched in class, most of the time, we would just sit back and watch. On the inside, some of them were saying, “Glad that isn’t happening to our Country.” It has to do with popularity. Most African countries don’t have many things that they are famous for, and doesn’t have many allies. America would sue its allies for not helping them in desperate times and measures. Not only does Africa not have popularity, it also doesn’t have money. 300 million people in Africa live in poverty, where as only 37 Million Americans live under poverty. Of course, Africa houses 922 million people, about a ratio of 1 to 3 in poverty. America houses 300 million people, about a ratio of 1 to 10. This is a problem. If we go into Africa, we could either make this 10 times worse, or 10 times better.

            Most of the countries that we have gone into have broken out into war, trying to get us out of there, and making the problem monumentally worse. You would think that in order to get the United States, and the United Kingdom, out of there would be to say, “Okay, everyone’s fed, you can go now!” Of course, the United States is a very greedy nation that feels like they need to get involved with other people’s problems. Problems in other countries are just a burden on their shoulders. If we make it our problem too, that will create even more problems. Is that what the United States needs? We don’t need more problems. The next president already has many life threatening issues to deal with. We should have to help our country before we help other nations whose same problem is worse than ours.

            Iraq. We are spending countless money on a country that we had absolutely nothing to do with in the first place. The people that had actually caused the problem were in another country, and we went into this practically harmless country. Now, we have Iraqis car-bombing Americans just to get us out of there, and practice their own religion. Could religion be a connection to how and why they try to get us out of there? We may even be affecting their way of life. Most of the time when the United States goes into a country, they try to convert, and seize the country. The way Iraqis believe, they need to keep their religion and make it a world wide religion. Why is the United States doing this? They want it to be a perfect country, and want it to “turn away” from its “evil ways.” Is that what will happen if we were to go into Africa and “help” them?

            Aside from the violence, and the deaths caused by us, we have done some pretty good things, which actually branch off from mistakes. We have helped millions of children by vaccinating them for diseases. We have put children into schools, and their attendance rate has gone up by 80%. More than 1,000 schools have been renovated, and fixed. All of the hospitals are now operating, and people are getting treatment for being injured, sick, and those that are dying. Because of the invasion, some, not most, Iraqi girls are now allowed to attend school.  Many sanitation methods are now taught in school, and other health-promoting acts. They have now put books in schools that don’t mention Saddam, which is a first in the past 30 years! We’ve done so many things for the children, which is the next generation. If we help the upcoming generation, then we will actually be helping the current generation, in about 10-20 years.

            40% of Africans dropout of school. The graduation rate of the United States in 1998 was 71%, and some of our states at that time had a graduation late as low as 32% (Latino in Georgia)! We have done many things for the Iraqi education. We’ve built them new schools, built them new classrooms, supplied them with history books, and learning tools. Why don’t we let them worry about their own country, and education? They’re too obsessed with other issues that are “more important” than their up and coming education. I understand that we’re over there, but why can’t their government deal with their problems? Do they have better things to be doing?

            Africa has less of a dropout rate than we do, so clearly they don’t need our help in education. That civilization has been the way it is for thousands, even millions, of years. Why do we need to go there and change their ways if they’re doing fine? Why do we need to change a country that is doing fine with the way they live? Why do we need to go to Africa? I understand genocide is an issue there. If they ask for our help, we give it. We need to mind our own business and not just go and get into their business because we ASSUME that they need our help with an issue. It’s better to ask for help than to wait for someone to help you, because they may not help you or realized exactly how dangerous of a situation you’re in. I say we help Africa if they ask for it, not just barge in there and force them to change the way they live… That would be brainwashing, and assumptions. good things done in Iraq [J]

[Nikita, if you copy this for the assignment, I will punch you in the baby]



© 2008 *Kantola*

Author's Note

This was supposed to be more of an informational paper... and an opinionated paper and me SHOVING IT IN THE HISTORY TEACHERS FACE SAYING "IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH, BASTARD!?" Yeah... i wish i could do that, but i would get suspended... and have him yell "You're fired!" in my face, or something like that...

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Great paper... I love the idea of you shoving it in your teachers face!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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